BASN Classic BlackBox: What About US Spike Spike Lee Doesn’t Get It

Updated: January 14, 2008

A BASN Classic BlackBox Originally Published: May 19,2007 WHAT ABOUT US SPIKE SPIKE LEE DOESN’T GET IT Spike Lee WISE UP SPIKE

How many Movies

has Spike made

How many Millions

has Spike made

He still doesn’t

Get It

Spike Lee is being lauded all over the place for giving some Big Bucks to Morehouse College in Atlanta to establish a Black Sports journalism program at the college. Spike Lee deserves ALL the credit in the world for his action as long as it is kept within Context. And if people understand it is a one dimensional gesture that will assist some students with their education for sure.

But out here in the Real World

the impact will be ZERO

because Spike doesn’t get it

or just doesn’t want to

Spike apparently does NOT have a Clue about the problem he bemoans lack of an African American perspective in the American sports media. Does Spike really believe graduating a few more Black Sports Journalists is going to change anything. Only if he is Deaf, Dumb and Blind.

Spike if you attack just one small part of any Problem you will NOT solve that Problem. You aren’t going to find a Solution appealing to the people who cause the Problem. Which is exactly what Spike is doing thinking – or wanting us to think – graduating some more Black sports journalists from college is going to lead to some BIG changes at ESPN, Sports Illustrated, NY Timers. Washington Post, and all the other media covering Sports in America.


In fact Spike Lee is denying and contradicting the very success of his own career in film with this “gesture.” Spike Lee is now a multi-millionaire film maker and businessman because he established an independent BLACK enterprise for himself that has been the vehicle for his film making. He did not worry about the White Boys in Hollywood asking him to produce and direct films for Black audiences. He just did it with a mostly Black operation.

If Spike had stood on line at the major film studios waiting for a chance to direct because he had talent. If he ever succeeded with that approach he would have been given the opportunity to direct “white” movies” except of course he wouldn’t have because he is Black.

( of course now he does because he was a success first )

So how does Spike figure …

Getting a few more African Americans degrees in Sports Journalism is going to lead to changes in the Sports media establishment. Does he really think the media industry is different than the film industry. Even more in many cases they are one and the same. DISNEY and ESPN and ABC broadcasting.

Here is the point Spike

Donating $1Million or whatever the figure to Morehouse College as one element in a campaign to get some fair and reasonable African American representation in American Sports media would have been logical. But making this one gesture and ONLY this one gesture then getting as much PR as you can making it look like you are going to change Sports Journalism is NONSENSE.

Giving money to one Black college to graduate some sports journalists is a very minor element in any real strategy. To begin with Spike has obviously decided to be completely OBLIVIOUS of the new Internet world in which we live.

In which you create NEW means of reaching an audience with a message they want to hear. Just about anyone should know IF Spike was serious what he would be doing is funding entrepreneurial businesses just like in fact Black Athlete Sports Network.. Spike is not going to turn Sports Illustrated or the NY Times sports section BLACK in a million years.

And why bother trying

The reason African Americans and those who are not but still want a Black perspective on Sports have no where to go is because there is ONLY the White Sports Media. Increasing the Black representation in White Sports Media from 1% to 2% will do NOTHING Spike. Not now not ever.

Wake up Brother

Of course we are making the point Spike does not want to wake up. He is happy as can be complaining about the Status Quo and being praised for donating some Dough to Morehouse. It is GOOD for Spike’s image and well worth the modest cost for this very rich man.

Here in the World of the Internet Black Sports Media can flourish NOT by continuing to chain itself to White Media but by becoming independent of it. Print media does not count any more. So why even bother with it. Media is electronic and in this Brave New World Black Sports Journalism can flourish by investing in it on-line. To make our point Perfectly …..

Had Spike Lee invested his $1Million in Black Athlete Sports Media and also become a very visible Spokesman for BASN promoting and praising BASN at every turn and encouraging all his Black Sports Buddies to open their Fat Wallets and their Loud Mouths in support of BASN we would do more to advance African American Sports Journalism and employ ever greater numbers of Black Sports Journalists in just one year than a scholarship program at Morehouse College will do in a million years. Or ever.

Then again Spike Lee

isn’t really interested in

Changing the World

of Sports Journalism

Spike is interested

in Looking Good

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