A closer look at Davis and Bailey

By Tom Donelson
Updated: January 20, 2008

GlovesIOWA CITY, Ia. — Kelvin Davis is a Mike Tyson lookalike with the same menacing look along with a Tiger Paw tattoo on his back. Going against Eric Fields, Davis was attempting to break his three-fight losing streak.

And when you add that Davis was nearly killed in an accident this past summer; his 2007 was a bad of a year a fighter could have. (Davis was training for a fight and was forced to jump a bridge when a car nearly hit him. After falling 25 feet, he ended up with a broken back and neck.)

Fields had won his first 10 fights with eight of those ending before the final bell but none of those fighters were in Davis’ category, a former Cruiserweight champion. Fields came into the professional rank with extensive amateur experience but Davis was his first name opponent.

The first 10 seconds saw a new star developing right before our eyes in the cruiserweights division. Fields’ strategy was to use his seven inch height and box Davis. A Fields right hand sent Davis to the canvas and suddenly, he looked stunned.

Fields attacked Davis without mercy and showed boxing smarts by keeping his distance while throwing punches. He did not smother himself and used the right leverage before dispatching Davis.

Fields showed boxing prowess, but Davis is a fighter with questions to answer. Davis is 29 years old and a former champion, but at this portion of his career, he is no longer a top ten Cruiserweight and he doesn’t have the size to compete with the Heavyweights.

His problem is what to do next for his height and style precludes him from changing his style. He is what he is; an aggressive take no prisoner style fighter. Against Darnell Wilson early last year showed Davis’ dilemma.

In the opening round, he nearly stopped Wilson but Wilson got back up and stopped Davis in the third round. He can no longer out punch the best in the Cruiserweight division and he doesn’t have the quickness to prevail.

As for Fields, he has the talent to compete with the best in the Cruiserweights, which may be boxing deepest division. You look down the top ten or even top 15 and you see fighters who are competitive with each other. The top fighter can’t take the 15th for granted.

Up and down, you see great fighters and often, you see great fights that very few fans actually see. Cruiserweight division is the ugly sister that no one rarely cares about and often ignores. Fields has the skill to take the next level but with only eleven fights; he still has a lot to learn.

At the age of 33, Randall Bailey still dreams of championship glory. A former super lightweight champion, Bailey is a boxer puncher who won 36 fights with 33 knock outs. Against Anthony Mora, Bailey showed that power. Mora is a lanky, tall boxer but lack the punch to keep sluggers like Bailey off him. The first round showed why this would not be Mora’s night.

Mora hit Bailey and nothing happened. When Bailey hit Mora, Mora moved backed up.Mora showed his boxing savvy as he rolled his shoulder and head to deflect Bailey power but Bailey’s power started to take its tool as the fight continued.

In the fifth round, a Bailey right spring over a Mora left jab and Mora went down. A perfect shot on Mora’s chin ended the fight and that was that.For Bailey, he still longs for another title shot but this is a deep division.

Ricky Hatton is the main man and Junior Witter is still chasing him. And there are some excellent young fighters like Devon Alexander and Lamont Peterson just over horizon.

Bailey still has the power to make a difference but at 33, time is starting to slip away. But unlike Davis, Bailey still has enough skills to make those dreams of one more title a possibility.