40 Million ‘Strong’ So What!

Updated: January 19, 2008


Life and Sports

Sports and Life

what’s the difference

we keep telling you

there is none

There are more than 40 Million African Americans today the LARGEST identity group in these United States. Hispanics as a category are slightly higher but there is no such thing as an Hispanic identity that is a figment of statisticians and the U.S. government – the idea for example that Puerto Ricans and Chileans see themselves as one group is ludicrous – with the U.S. which wants as little as possible to do with giving attention to Diversity and even less to the individual racial and ethnic groups that comprise America.

Back to our point and this Box

Life and Sports are ONE

Right now the Barack Obama campaign is highlighting that Fact of Life right now each and every day of this political campaign. As it did Saturday in Nevada with Obama’s loss to Clinton. Once Barack proved he was for real in Iowa. The gloves came off in the Clinton Camp led by Bill & Hill of course but mostly distancing themselves, their Hench Men and Women doing much of the Dirty Work.

They have been inflicting a thousand small wounds on Obama to keep him DOWN. Somebody and the Clintons swear it was NOT them in Nevada did robo-calls across the state referring to Senator Obama as Barack HUSSEIN Obama over and over again.

The Clintons are the MASTERS of raw street fighting politics. Politics at its Worst but best for Winning and they are proving it again. Of course here aided and abetted by the natural inclination toward Racism that still exists in America. All you have to do is go after the African Americans perceived “weaknesses” and that AUTOMATICALLY turns into an argument often unstated and deeply buried ( to an extent ) of White superiority.

That is a message that clearly

resonates to Sports our beat

Obama’s situation to pick one of so many examples is like African Americans and the head coaching job on NFL teams. Once again it seems likely NO African Americans will get any of the NFL openings following the 2007 season. The owners almost always go for what they would call ( or whisper ) the easy choice a White Coach.

For the African American “candidates” ( as though they are ever real candidates) the team owners and senior execs almost inevitably look at what the Black “candidate” is lacking why he would be a RISKY choice to put their team in his hands. And so the NFL and the teams give LIP Service to African Americans having equal access to head coaching jobs and the media buys into the BS when nothing could be further from the Truth.

But we chose a Fighter

for today’s image the

greatest of them all

Joe Louis because

this is a FIGHT

And right now we are going to find out how much of a FIGHTER Barack Obama is. Remind yourself there is only one WINNER for President. Everyone else is a LOSER no matter how close they come. Obama will remain competitive so to speak right up to the convention but as of right now there is NO way he will beat Hillary if he does not come out for the rest of the Rounds more boldly and aggressive.

Just as in a Boxing Match where the opponent is good and entertains the fans assembled but in the end no matter it is a very close decision the Champ wins. The challenger LOSES. Unfortunately unlike a Professional Fight Obama will only get one chance in this Ring. Over a period of many Rounds. If he does ot KO her at best hoping that Hillary loses in November so he can make a comeback in 4 years.


Right now Obama should adopt Joe Louis

as his model a great athlete that fought

his way to the Top in an Age when

Bigotry was right out in the Open

Joe Louis was relentless and

Louis won BIG and to an

extent the admiration of

White America for

a while anyway

Obama re-make

your campaign come

back out Swinging or

you will LOSE and

so will America

Barack Obama on Time TIME TO MAKE A DECISION