Why Do I Write For Black Athlete Sports Network?

By Richard Kent
Updated: December 26, 2007

CONNECTICUT — I guess that it is clear from my picture that I am not Black. So why write for this site? Well, I was thinking about that during the movie “The Great Debaters”, which by the way you have to see.

First off, the site is a great one. It really has it all on sports and is a resource that any sports fan really would never want to miss. Next, I love to write and the site has given me great opportunities.

More importantly the plight of the Black athlete is not limited to Blacks.It is tough to see from any genuine perspective. How about hearing racial slurs hurled at the Rutgers women’s basketball team from a visiting team’s arena?

Not fun. Or going to a Serena Williams press conference and not hearing reporters talking about her tennis but her outside activities. Articles, commentaries and quotes about James Blake are no fun either.

He is referred to as a great athlete. He is called fast. He is called a choker. Is he ever called a great tennis player? Bright as a whip or one of the true stars of American tennis? Not too often.

Forget his Harvard education. He is as bright as they come. Take a look at his book. You will see that. But we very infrequently hear that. Tiger Woods too. One of the brightest and most thoughtful people around.

We hear about his stare or his upper body strength but not too much about his mind and his mental toughness. We hear that about Jack all the time. Stanford vs. Ohio State. No contest.

To see the paucity of Black coaches,especially in NCAA football is disgusting. Look at who was available for the Duke job and who was chosen. That really tells it all.

That is one of the reasons that I admire Ivy League men’s basketball and wrote the article that I did about the six Black coaches in the game. I ran into Tommy Amaker the other day and he says it all to me about the quality of Black coaches in the college game.

I have read and heard a lot about Paul Robeson. He was a great football star and the way he was treated was disgusting. Not by his college, but by those around him.

I’m not even going to get into Jackie Robinson, Elston Howard or Larry Doby. We all know about them. Hopefully things will change in the next decade.

Whether they do or don’t I will still continue to write for the site. I believe in the cause, the athletes and those in a management capacity in all levels of sports who are Black.

I hope you will still read me.