What Time Is It Obama Time

Updated: December 15, 2007



Former President Clinton‘s

newest tactic to prop up

Hillary’s sinking campaign

is to knock Obama using

” code phrasing ”

similar to the “phrasing”

Smart White Bigots use

No Clinton is not a “natural” Bigot. But he does have his priorities and the Clintons are the MASTERS of vicious jugular campaign tactics. It started long before Bill became President and that style is alive and “well” in Hillary’s campaign. It is otherwise known a doing whatever it takes to win. Sure we know if Hillary was still comfortably in the lead they would NEVER attack Barack Obama. Barack it is nothing personal but Hillary is DESTINED to be President. Didn’t you see the Golden Tablets.


is the ” code phrasing ”

Bill is telling anyone

he can grab that electing

Barack Obama President

is “rolling the dice”

He said ….


Now what exactly does an ‘innocent’ phrase like “rolling the dice” mean when Clinton applies it to Barack Obama and not any other candidates. Here is what it means. ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE A CHANCE ELECTING AN AFRICAN AMERICAN PRESIDENT. And what exactly does that mean. Nothing in particular. And that is the Point. The phrase is meant to plant a feeling of uneasiness. A concern about upsetting the Status Quo. Clinton ought to really say what he means.

” Do you want a Black Man in The White House

The fact is it is SUBTLE Racism. The kind rampant all over Sports. NO all those guys with the Power & Money in Sports don’t really care if you have Black skin or not on a certain level. They just don’t want to share what they have with others who don’t have what they have. That means Black Americans.

Well it is NOT working in the Presidential campaign

In spite of Clinton’s “code phrasing”

Obama is SURGING

Any African American who is not joining that Band Wagon should have their Head Examined. TODAY Sunday. Don’t wait if you are suffering from such a Fatal Illness. Kissing the Clintons’ Asses when you could be electing a Black President. Need more convincing. Think of it as Sports. Imagine you got to elect the Owners of Pro Sports teams And FINALLY there could be African American ownership but you voted for another White Guy. Then you would agree to have your Head Examined.

What’s the difference

Sports or Politics

There isn’t any

Now let’s get on to the real value of electing Barack OBAMA as it APPLIES TO SPORTS. The fact is Obama has no policy positions on Sports. Except maybe to condemn steroid use like everyone else. And at most he is a casual fan. So WHY would it make a difference for African Americans in Sports IF Obama became President. The fact you even have to ask identifies a Problem.

And we will tell you Clinton is RIGHT

to raise concerns about Obama

to cultivate votes for Hillary

as the Status Quo candidate

OBAMA DOES NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING if he is elected to CHANGE Sports in America. What is most important about his election is not any of his policies or anything he does. It is because he is AFRICAN American. When The White House becomes The Black House AFRICAN Americans will for the first time in history become EMPOWERED in a POSITIVE way. Quite different from the historic struggles to end slavery and discrimination. The fight against NEGATIVES. Barack Obama is the first powerful POSITIVE empowering message for Black America.

Let’s see we have a Black President

but your team has NO Black executives

can you tell us how come ????????

All over Sports Black men and woman, boys and girls will be more assertive im addressing all the aspects of the Sports industry filled with Inequality. That is almost every aspect of the Trillion Dollar American Sports Industry. And watch this. This will be best of all. Even Tiger Woods EVEN TIGER WOODS born without a Black Backbone will “magically” begin to address AFRICAN American issues in golf and other Sports because there is an AFRICAN American President and it won’t be “risky” to identify as an AFRICAN American. In fact it will be Cool. And get him invited to State Dinners.

So if you care anything about Sports

and you are considering anyone

other than Obama for President

don’t wait a moment

you’re far gone

have your Head

Examined today

as for Bill Clinton

” Bill let’s roll those dice “

Bye Bye Hillary you

have already turned

into a Pumpkin

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