Welcome To Kid Nation

By Richard Kent
Updated: December 8, 2007

CONNECTICUT — College football was crazy this year. Upsets were occurring all over the country and especially at the top of the college football standings. The college basketball season thus far has been far more predictable.

There have certainly been upsets, but not nearly upsets of the magnitude of what took place in college football. Let’s take a look at the country and see what is going on.

There are five teams that are probably better than the rest in UCLA, North Carolina, Memphis, Kansas and Georgetown. Each one of them has an opportunity to go to the Final Four.

Other schools that have a shot are Washington, a vastly improving by the day Duke team and Texas. Despite the above, the true storyline for this year is about the freshmen throughout the country.

This is probably the top crop of freshmen in many years and it is unlikely that many if not most of these players will be back next season:

1. Michael Beasley of Kansas is really lighting it up at 27.2 ppg in over 15 rpg.

2. Kyle Singler of Duke is one of the top scorers in the country and is clearly the best player on a very good Duke team. What is unexpected about him is that he is averaging nearly a double in rebounds.

3. Eric Gordon of Indiana is really lighting it up. He can shoot from anywhere on the court and is averaging 27.0 ppg. He is the biggest chance for the Hoosiers to make some noise this year.

4. Kevin Love of UCLA is better than expected. He is averaging 19.3 ppg in the first 6 games this season. He is 6-feet-10 and plays the center position. He owns the Oregon High School scoring record and could lead his team to the Final Four.

Other freshmen to take a look at who may not be receiving the kudos of the other players are Alvin Abreu of New Hampshire, Jay Gavin of Marist, Trevor Welcher of Delaware State, Chris Knight of Bowling Green and Derrick Rose of Memphis.