Tickets For The Big Fight Here Right Here

Updated: December 7, 2007


Floyd Mayweather vs. Ricky Hatton


So you want to go

to the Big Fight

Saturday nite

we can get

you in

For only $13,000 if you want to go RingSide.

Why not. It’s the best way to watch the Big Fight. And let everyone know who you are. Someone Important, Rich and Powerful. Anyway you need something to do with all that sub-prime money you made trading all those make-believe securities to the tune of billions of dollars or was it trillions. All those Poor Suckers who bought those mortgages can watch on HBO that is if their tv set is not locked up in their foreclosed homes.

We’re talking about the latest

Biggest Fight Ever in the history of the Universe

Floyd Mayweather vs. Ricky Hatton

All of Britain has gone Fight Crazy. Ricky Hatton’s home. He is their newest Great White Hope a position a title Brit Lennox Lewis could never aspire to. Remember Lennox Lewis. Here yesterday forgotten today. Anyway getting back to the Big Fight.

Apparently Ricky Hatton’s fans have followed him all the way from England in droves. 6000 screaming chanting fans of his were at the Weigh-In at the MGM Grand Garden Arena the site of Saturday night‘s Big Fight. If you don’t want our $13,000 RingSide seats (if they are not all gone by now) yes for $54.95 you can watch on HBO

Why is Boxing on Saturday nights

the only Sports event that can

sell for $54.95 to watch

it’s a satisfying substitute

for Saturday night sex

if you don’t get any

All right enough pre-fight BS. Let’s get down to it. The 17,000 seat arena sold out minutes after tickets became available ( except that we have some ) for the WBC WelterWeight Championship of the World. Get this two-thirds or more of those packing the arena in Vegas for the Big Fight are expected to be Brits.

It is 38-0 Mayweather vs. 43-0 Hatton.

Maybe this will be better and cheaper than Saturday night sex at $54.95 however you pay for your sex ( most expensive of all when you think you aren’t paying at all ). One of Mayweather’s previous nemesis Oscar La Hoya may or my not be betting on Hatton. It’s legal in Vegas of course. LaHoya says “People are underestimating (Hatton’s) speed and his footwork. He has to keep popping that jab. You know he’s not going to tire out. He’s going to keep that fast pace for twelve rounds.”

Of course Oscar La Hoya may still be sulking from his ass kicking at the hands of Mayweather which was Floyd’s last Bout before Saturday night‘s contest. Let us entertain you with a variety of views on the Big Fight …


” Ricky Hatton is like the Energizer Bunny. I have never seen the man get tired. I am looking for some blood from Ricky early on but at the end of the day he out-hustles Mayweather for a unanimous decision.”


” Ricky’s success or otherwise in this fight depend on the variety of the angles he can present to Floyd. I believe it will be an exciting fight for five rounds. But I tip Floyd to win.”


“Can Hatton beat Mayweather? Let me give you an example. A lot of people said I couldn’t beat (Sugar Ray) Leonard and I beat him. Who is Mayweather that he can’t be beat? He is a great boxer but no boxer is unbeatable.”


” Ricky’s got to go in there like a madman and no doubt he must go for an early win. Hatton has to rough him up, get Floyd up against the ropes and not give him room. Maybe then he can do it.”


” When the fight was first made I thought Ricky was a huge underdog. Seeing him this week has changed my opinion. I believe Ricky will have too much for Mayweather, and win on points.”

( Jim Watt ?? )

So get ready for

The Big Fight

Saturday nite

maybe best

watched in Bed

alone or not or

both at the same time

either way for $54.95

or much much more

you’ll be entertained

one way or another

let’s Rumble

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box …….

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