This Patriots S**t Is Out Of Control!

By L.A. Batchelor
Updated: December 27, 2007

NORTH CAROLINA — Whether you are a New England Patriot fan or not, aren’t you tired of the rhetoric and propaganda surrounding this “pursuit of perfection” goal the media is determined to keep in our face and conscious?

Yes with the Giants winning last week to secure there ticket to the playoffs, surely means the Patriots have no one standing in there way of winning their 16th game and finishing with a perfect REGULAR SEASON.

But that’s all it is……….A PERFECT REGULAR SEASON. I am offended and disgusted by ESPN, The NFL and the mainstream media for masterminding the propaganda by comparing this year’s Patriots team to some of the great teams of the past including the 1972 Dolphins.

ESPN added insult to injury, declaring the Patriots as the victors in most cases if they faced these gladiators from the past head to head.The ’72 Dolphins were as good if not better coached.

The 1978 Steelers were more balanced on offense and much more dominant and superior on defense and Bill Walsh’s 49ERS of the 80’s were as explosive and creative on offense then this years Patriots team.

This is most disturbing because the Patriots haven’t won anything yet.

And you would think this Saturday’s game is the Super Bowl, BCS or NCAA Basketball Championship considering the conviviality, fraternization and good-fellowship the three networks are displaying by televising the game on their networks.

I mean the presidential debates haven’t receive such attention and camaraderie and all they are attempting is to be the next President of the United States. But that’s not important right?

Have the Patriots won more regular season games then anyone else? Of course, but they played three more games then the ’72 Dolphins did when they were perfect and that perfection extended from the regular season, to the playoffs and eventually a Super Bowl victory but we can’t say that yet about The Patriots.

If the Patriots in win Saturday and finish perfect for the 2007 regular season, I applaud them for that accomplishment. But they have much more work to do because the season is not over in fact for 11 other teams, it’s just getting started.

This is something the media has forgotten and the Patriots better not forget because as I stated in previous writings, anything short of WINNING the Super Bowl not only makes the Patriots IMPERFECT.

It also EXCLUDES them from the discussion, dialog and elite status of the consideration of the great teams from the past but INCLUDES them in the category of just another good team who fell short.

Winning the Super Bowl is the goal of every player and team in the NFL. Falling short of a Championship doesn’t change The Patriots legacy, it doesn’t give them one.