Things We Have Learned

By Richard Kent
Updated: December 1, 2007

CONNECTICUT — The women’s college basketball season is not that old but we still have learned a few things that will be instructive in March.

1. There are two elite teams.

UConn and Tennesee are the cream of the crop. Rutgers, Maryland and LSU are a step behind. It is predicted that the NCAA will want to have UConn-Tennessee play for certain so they will probably be pitted in the national semis. On the third tier are Stanford, Duke, North Carolina, Baylor and George Washington.

2. Is Maya Moore really that great?

Yes she is. She is the best freshman in the country and will probably be a first team all-american for four years.

3. Can Tennessee repeat?

Absolutely. They have the best player in the country in Candace Parker and won the National Championship last year.

4. How good is Rutgers?

They certainly are. They have far and away the most speed in the country in Essence Carson, Epiphany Prince and Matee Ajavon. The issue is that they tend to play to the level of their competition, don’t shoot the ball that well and play many games in the 50’s. It’s difficult to win six NCAA games that way. Last year, they won five though.

5. Is officiating really that bad?

Yes it is. There is such a gap between the men’s game and the women’s game that it isn’t even funny. There have been some horrific calls this year. The call against Prince from Rutgers in the Stanford game is just one example. The officiating needs to be picked up. Perhaps the officials need to be paid more to get higher quality officials.