The Patriots Are The Best Ever……NOT!!!!!

By L.A. Batchelor
Updated: December 4, 2007

NORTH CAROLINA –After watching the game between the undefeated New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens, it further reinforces my belief the 2007 Patriots are not only NOT the greatest team ever, they fall short as the greatest offensive team ever.

If you believe the media, you would believe that Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback with the greatest offensive line, the greatest receivers and the greatest coach. Did the media forget about the previous decades of great football.

The undefeated ’72 Dolphins are just the tip of the proverbial “iceberg” when it comes to great teams. How about the dominate Steeler teams of the 70’s, the 49ers of the 80’s and 90’s and the Cowboys of the early 90’s?

Those teams had balanced on offense, solid defense, great special teams and more importantly had tough competition week in and out unlike this year’s Patriots team.

The 1984 Dolphins team led by Dan Marino were incredible considering Marino really had no real running attack or dominate receiver to throw the ball to. No Randy Moss or Dante Stallworth, just two hard playing “Marks” (Duper and Clayton).

They didn’t have a Richard Seymour, Tedi Bruschi, Rodney Harrison or Mike Vrabel to pressure the quarterback, stop the run and get the big sack or interception on third down.

They didn’t have the coach with the exotic defensive coverage that would confuse most quarterbacks. In other words, they didn’t have all the talent, but they were great because they played collectively as a team…… least for that season even though the end result for them was a lost to the 49ers in the Super Bowl.

Look at the Patriots schedule. How many teams have they played with a winning record? The Colts, Cowboys? It’s easy to be 12-0 when you are playing College teams on your schedule.

Sure they won both those games (barely), but you can also make the case that the Colts and the Cowboys blew the game rather than the Patriots took the game from them(especially the Colts game. Now the Steelers come to town to play them in Foxboro which makes only the 3rd legitimate team they have to play on their schedule.

The final team they play with a winning record is against the New York Giants on Week 17 iat the Meadowlands. Those games are potential losses especially when you look at what to mediocre teams like the Eagles and Ravens did against this proclaimed “unstoppable” team.

They pushed the Patriots to the brink but couldn’t close the deal because that’s what mediocre teams do (or don’t do). Finish the deal.

Does anyone remember the Colts have gone 13-0 twice but they don’t get the credit because they have a black coach and a quarterback who is a country boy from Tennessee?

Not exactly the type of “Golden Boy” image the League and the media tends to embrace. Furthermore, the media wants the Patriots to go undefeated. Like 2001, The Patriots were the darling of the NFL.

That season, the league wanted the “ All-American” team. The Patriots to win the Super Bowl in a year of tragedy (9/11). Like 2001, the officiating is onesided and bias as The Patriots get less penalties then there opponents and the calls made against there opponents are so blatantly wrong and bias, its laughable.

This season, the motivation is simply — Tom Brady. He is looked upon by the league and the media as “The Golden Boy” from California. The pretty boy who can do know wrong. The model citizen. “The great white hope”. I guess the media and the league forgot about the child “Mr Perfect” fathered and tried to deny exist.

No, the Patriots are not the best ever in terms of talent, there schedule of opponents and as an overall team. Scoring doesn’t make you great, winning, the character of your team, the professionalism of your team and the sportsmanship makes you great.

Something the Patriots clearly have shown a lack of. They run up the score like they need as many points they can score to receive enough votes in some college football poll. They are only considered great because of the Lilly white media that wants a lily white team to embrace.

They may or may not go undefeated in the regular season but All I know is great teams don’t lose in the playoffs or the Super Bowl (if they get that far) so if The Patriots are to be considered great or the greatest of all time, they better lose in the regular season and not in the post season and they must win The Super Bowl.

Anything less would leave them short of greatness.