The End Of Baseball As We Know It Selig Must Go

Updated: December 13, 2007


Baseball and Drugs ” EVERYTHING IS DISTORTED ”

This is it

the Biggest Scandal yet

Baseball as we know it

is a Fraud with Juiced

Up Players instead of

Doctored Baseballs

But let everyone else tell you this is about Steroids.

It is really about the CORRUPTION in American Sports. The CORRUPTION of Integrity, the CORRUPTION of Fairness, the CORRUPTION of Equality. African Americans have disappeared from Baseball because Baseball is a CORRUPT Business Empire interested in MONEY not Baseball.

Bud Selig epitomized this

Institutional CORRUPTION

We have written again and again about the absurd scene that has been repeated time and time again and gain the last ten years or more of Rachel Robinson standing beside Bud Selig BEAMING while he talked about how important African Americans are to Baseball and how his number one priority was keeping African Americans in Baseball as African Americans keep DISAPPEARING at an accelerating pace. Selig could get away with that fraudulent little scene because Rachel Robinson kept getting those BIG Baseball checks for her “foundation.”

What is the Point

There is no TRUTH OR HONESTY left in Baseball. No it was never Pure but the new Steroid report proves just how far Baseball has become a Fraudulent Corrupt Enterprise. African Americans are being disposed of because it is ONLY about making $$$$$$. And the view of Selig and the 30 WHITE owners is that Black America “simply” is not important to their only real goal making $$$$$$.

There is plenty of

CHEAP labor in

Latin America

Thank you

Steroids have gotten out of control because Selig and the owners in “league” with the players tolerated it because it JUICED up the game and in their mind brought in more fans which meant more $$$$$$. Selig was happy to pay off so called celebrities like Rachel Robinson because all it cost was $$$$$ to get her to give Baseball cover while they shove African Americas toward the exits.

Know what time it is ????



Time to END Major League Baseball Hegemony. TIME FOR OUR BS SUPREME COURT TO STOP GIVING MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL A SINGULAR EXEMPTION FROM ANTI-TRUST LAWS so REAL Baseball can flourish. Let Major League Baseball REALLY compete for fans against other kinds of Leagues FREED from MLB’s get out of jail FREE ticket no matter what Major League Baseball and the White BOYS of summer do.

What is really going to happen


Because corruption has become so ingrained in our Society and every institution that very soon American is going to be OFFICIALLY named The New Holy (sic) Roman Empire and all the rest of us without Corrupt POWER are going to be thrown to the Lions. Those who haven’t been yet.

Hundreds of years from now

hope you are around for it

don’t be surprised IF

historians of that time

label the Mitchell

Steroid Report as

the symbolic

Beginning of


Good Bye

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