Pam’s Christmas Grinch

Updated: December 22, 2007


Pam Oliver DON’T WORRY PAM ….


POOR Pam Oliver

Don’t Worry Pam

We won’t let that Big

BADDonovan McNabb

RUIN your Christmas

Don’t know what we’re talking about. Apparently you don’t make it all the way to page 52 of your local newspaper’s Sports section. We do. That’s what we do ALL day long every day. Search and search and search again for the BEST Sports stories. The ones that tell a STORY. To be honest we get paid LOTS of $$$ to do it but we’d do it anyway. Don’t tell BASN’s Publisher !

So here is the Story ….

Outstanding – young and very attractive which has NO part in us choosing this story – Pam Oliver was simply doing her usual COMPELLING even RIVETING job for FOX Sports last Sunday prowling the Sidelines at the Eagles – Cowboys game on the lookout for information that would make the game a more Fulfilling Experience even yes elevating it to a Cosmic Experience for all of us !

So what happens ….

While the Christmas Spirit is radiating through the Stands and into our Televisions courtesy of The Fabulous Pam Oliver WHAM Pam literally gets tackled by Donovan McNabb with a Body Blow that knocks ALL of the Christmas Spirit right out of her !


We are here to tell you if we can contain our RAGE long enough to actually complete this Box. Let’s start at the Beginning. Prior to Sunday’s game in Dallas Pam overheard McNabb “boasting” that his days with the Eagles were numbered AND QUOTE ” The next place I will go I will win and I will have a SMILE on my face the whole time.” Then Pam told the World ….

And Donovan went BALLISTIC

AFTER the Game. After the Eagles upset the Cowboys 10-6. It seems McNabb who contributed all of WOW ONE TD while the Philadelphia Defense won the Game shutting down Dallas. It seems McNabb thinking in his own mind he was King of the Hill again wanted to protect his “reputation” in Philly and fantasize keeping his Job another 10 years or so and leading the Eagles to the NFL Championship.

So what did McNabb do in the Spirit (sic) of Christmas

some Spirit …

Big BADDonovan McNabb attacks defenseless Pam Oliver not half his size for telling the Truth. Yes he called Pam a LIAR for telling the TRUTH. And he has been relentless. McNabb must think everyone is a Fool if he thinks he is Believable. It is right in character for McNabb to say what he did.

The Real Problem is that Donovan McNabb does not want to admit his Best Days are well behind him – he has even been REPLACED in those Campbell Soup commercials that made his mother famous – and he can’t move the way he could before and is increasingly prone to injury. That the ONLY teams that might if any recruit him to be their Starting Quarterback are NFL teams with HORRIBLE records looking for a “bridge” QB while they find and develop a new Quarterback of the Future.

The fact is McNabb ..

YOU ENVY PAM OLIVER. A Rising Star in Sports Broadcasting. Laden with the kind of Talent that has escaped your grip. You are Transferring your Rage about your own Future into ENVY of Young Pam Oliver. That’s right McNabb as Pam rises and rises in the coming years – don’t be surprised to soon see her in the Broadcast Booth even BROADCASTING the SuperBowl while you are HOME sipping OLD cans of Campbell Soup watching PAM on your wall size TV screen.

You deserve it McNabb

Poor Pam was forced to defend herself going so far as to tell other reporters her statements were and we quote ” on-my-mother’s grave accurate.” How dare you McNabb ! And guess what under pressure Donovan is back tracking NOW he is saying he never called Pam a LIAR…..

……. rather implying that he was “upset” his so called of the record comments were reported. Now picture this scene McNabb wants us to Believe while he is ranting and raving stalking the sidelines before the game saying ” The next place I will go I will win and I will have a SMILE on my face the whole time.” LOUD enough for anyone to hear ….

but now it WAS off the record

because Pam Oliver was doing

her job Superbly giving fans

the kind of input we expect


on-the-field reporter

Pam don’t let this

GRINCH steal

your Christmas

we’ll protect you

You Go Girl !



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