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Updated: December 19, 2007


Magic Johnson and Hillary Clinton JOHNSON AND HIS CANDIDATE

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Our latest Chapter in what will be our continuing coverage of the Presidential Race ( good word here ) at least as long as an African American remains a Strong Contender. It really does not matter what you think of Barack Obama minus his Skin Color THE FACT IS HE IS A BLACK MAN and that defines his candidacy more than any other factor and IF he gets elected President of the United States it will be his defining characteristic beyond any doubt.

So unless you have knowledge

that Barack Obama is an

Invader from another Galaxy

it should be an EASY Choice

the FIRST Black President and

decades before anyone thought

maybe even a century if ever

it would be a Possibility

Which brings us to the subject of today’s Box PATHETIC so called Magic Johnson who is traveling around the country – no we will not use the word pimping that would not be good journalism – for Old Lady Clinton. BLACK MAN SUPPORTS OLD ETHICALLY CHALLENGED WHITE WOMAN OVER YOUNG DYNAMIC BLACK MAN FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

That really is the Whole Story. Let’s repeat it so it sinks in. In a nation in which African Americans have been “under-valued” since the first African arrived here in chains and there is FINALLY a chance for some fairness and justice at the pinnacle of American society what does Magic Johnson do ….


All it goes to show is that Black Americans are capable of being every bit as duplicitous and unprincipled and scheming as White People. Do we really need to tell you WHY Magic Johnson is raising money for and campaigning for Hillary Clinton. Because Bill and Hillary are kissing his Rear End and making him PROMISES $$$$$$ what they can and will do for him when – dream on – Hillary is in The White House. Magic will be named The First Negro. Too cynical ??

Then why don’t you tell us at the email address below WHY you think Magic Johnson is not only supporting and raising funds for Hillary but now is literally devoting ALL his time in the weeks before the first caucuses and primaries putting a BLACK Face on the Clinton campaign. HERE IS THE PROBLEM MAGIC. Do you or Bill and Hillary really believe other African Americans – or for that matter non-African Americans – are going to vote for Hillary Clinton for President of the United States because you a former basketball player are a friend of Hillary’s. Or maybe we should just be thankful you did not decide to back the Slimiest Candidate of all Rudy Giuliani.

You are now in the

Hall of Shame along

with Bill & Hillary buddy

Maya Angelou who

crowned Bill Clinton

the First BLACK

President the most

Ridiculous Statement

EVER made and the

Ultimate INSULT to

every BLACK American

so maybe Magic is supporting

Hillary for TWO Reasons

because she’ll be the SECOND

BLACK President and two so

why support Barack Obama

since the Clintons would

become the BLACK

Presidents we need is

that the “logic” Magic

or should we say


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