Let’s Go Fishing

Updated: December 12, 2007




professional BIG $$$$


one more Sport where

you NEVER see

African Americans


NONONO of course there are NO rules preventing AFRICAN Americans from competing in the huge Bass Fishing Tournament and the others with millions upon millions of prize and endorsement money. Don’t you know Discrimination is ILLEGAL in these Untied States. Of course WHITE culture isn’t nor making it obvious to Blacks they really aren’t Welcome in Professional Fishing Circles. This it really is a Good Ole Boys Sports and there just aren’t any BLACK Good Ole Boys.

Well thank God for the Internet

where to an extent anyway

everyone is EQUAL

Yes now even when it comes to Fishing for the BIG Bucks. Virtual Cyber – Fishing for FUN and MULLAH. And while African Americans ( and Africans for that matter ) are still at a BIG disadvantage not having all that experience the White Boys ( shouldn’t have said that some of our readers and advertisers are offended when we write about White Boys ) have when it comes to the ins and outs of Big Time Professional Fishing – still at least African Americans don’t have to feel uncomfortable Fishing for the Big Bucks siting at home or ( we won’t tell anyone ) at work Fishing for the Big Bucks. And now everyone can do so because the “real world” sponsor of the #1 National Bass Fishing Tournament – where African Americans need not waste their time applying – these same folks have just launched the Biggest Baddest on-line FANTASY fishing tournament with a $1 Million Prize.

Let’s GO Fishing


our time has come !

And get this there is NO fee to play but yes if you want the vital information you really need to compete in this Fishing Tournament it will cost you $39.95 for access. A whole lot less than the hundreds of thousands even millions the Top Bass Fishers lavish on themselves to have the edge they need to be in the Top Tier. Otherwise called Discrimination by Wealth.

So what is going on here. COULD THIS BE A REVOLUTION. Could this be the tip of a BLACK Iceberg. Might Fishing be only the start of a new trend in which African Americans can actually compete in Sport after Sport for $$$$$ just as long they do it at their Computers. IMAGINE Champion BLACK skiers, Champion BLACK divers, Champion BLACK golfers (other than Tiger), Champion BLACK gymnasts, Champion BLACK baseball players (once again ), Champion BLACK professional beach ball players, Champion BLACK jockeys, and on and on and on making the Big Bucks in front of their computers without having to worry about a White Sports Industry, White owners, White coaches, White sponsors, White media all making African Americans UN-welcome.

Of course if this really develops

into a threat to White Hegemony

in the NEW World of Cyber-Sports

you knows what’s next

do we really have to

tell you they will create

Virtual African Americans

who will be OWNED by

these Fantasy Leagues

and their investors

and quickly replace

REAL African Americans

in these Fantasy Leagues

so better start FISHING

here in Cyber-space

while you have a Chance

to actually WIN something

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