Lebron’s Fortune The Real Cover Story

Updated: December 2, 2007



You could call the current cover

of Fortune Magazine a Con Job

or a “legitimate” commentary

on Reality in America

take your Choice

Here is the Story. Looking at the cover above you might think correction you should think LeBron is the focus of attention and pictured LARGE because he is one of THE POWER 25 the story highlights on the cover with the dominant headline


if you had not figured

it out already

NO LeBron James is not close to being one the THE POWER 25 which is the core article in the this issue of Fortune about the 25 most POWERFUL business people in America. We would estimate Fortune would not even place LeBron James among THE POWER TEN THOUSAND if they decided to produce such a list.

Here is the IRONY of Fortune placing a Smiling LeBron on the cover of it’s POWER 25 issue SURPRISE there is NOT even one African American among THE POWER 25. The LeBron cover story is about how he is handling his own business interests in a world in which he is a marketing image for any number of THE POWER 25 although Fortune absolutely makes no such connection in the issue of course.

LeBron is praised in HIS article for how he is going about managing his interests with some savvy friends from Cleveland and his boyhood and the company they have formed. LeBron is making better deals for himself with Nike, Coke and others than he would have otherwise and better than most other athletes achieve. And most important LeBron’s companies LRMR Marketing and another King James, Inc. are successful.

Fortune says LeBron aspires to become a Billionaire. Why not. But the article begins to fall flat only when you are savvy enough to make the connection to the other article the true cover story of this issue of Fortune THE POWER 25 as we obviously are.

While LeBron is going about it with some flair and acumen ( a good word for you ) the contrast between James ultimately being nothing more than a glorified pitchman for huge White owned and White dominated companies makes you realize nothing has really changed except for maybe LeBron himself.

And although we don’t have any

alternatives for Lebron unless

he wants to be a Pioneer

Just as on the hardwood LeBron is just one more player as outstanding as he is and a joy to watch play he is a marketing TOOL for others to exploit for tremendous business profit that largely excludes African Americans. Who is that guy way back when who said something about “owning the means of production” or being a victim allow us to add.

ONLY if LeBron is willing to decide that ONLY will he really be successful if African Americans a a group are as successful as White Americans as a group will he be a Change Master. What a RADICAL idea individual Black Americans becoming fabulously wealthy by making other Black Americans rich or at least a bit richer.

( what BASN is trying to do without LeBron James )

Instead yes accuse us of being Cynical – cynicism was an actual philosophical school back in Ancient Greece and much admired those Cynics – but Fortune is glorifying LeBron on its cover for serving the purposes of the Status Quo.

You can bet if LeBron James was some kind of Sports Marcus Garvey he would not be getting the Worship Treatment on the cover of Fortune Magazine. Maybe getting a cover for being a TroubleMaker “misusing” (sic) his Celebrity Status to make Sports “political” when all it is is entertainment.

The Fortune article makes much of how LeBron and his business partners hop from one ever ready corporate jet or another be it one of Nike‘s fleet or any number of other Fortune 1000 companies always available to accommodate LeBron and associate themselves with his Athletic Prowess and Celebrity Status. And in return James and his business buddies beam from ear to ear with their ability to do so. Enjoying themselves.

More to the point the article notes how LeBron and his company call exclusive business group meetings and they summons important executives from major companies that flock to Cleveland or elsewhere sending some of their most senior executives to discuss business strategy and enhancing LeBron’s business interests and their own most of all of course by branding themselves with LeBron’s image.

We have some business advice

for LeBron and his company

organize another conference

for business executives and

tell them to come ready

to discuss how many

African Americans

they employ as

executives and

how many Black

businesses they

do business with

are you ready for

that COVER story

in Fortune LeBron

End of Story

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