Knicks Turning Arena into Madison Square Garbage

By Jerald L. Hoover
Updated: December 21, 2007

New York Knicks

NEW YORK — This collection of talent has more personalities than Cybil on crack. Just when you thought it was safe to go into the arena and feel confident your beloved team would at the very least squeak out a win against a team like the Indiana Pacers after an impressive performance against the New Jersey Nets, they get pummeled by 27 points. The score was 119-92.

The shameful score notwithstanding but what was said after the game is indicative to just how bad this team has gotten. Head coach and president Isiah Thomas said in an angry tone that his team had, “no heart, no courage, no pride”. Those are very interesting words coming from the man that put all of this mess together.

In the immortal words of one Hall of Famer, Charles Barkley and current NBA analyst for the TNT Network, “Patrick Ewing, Charles Oakley, Willis Reed and Bill Bradley must be turning over in their graves.” Of course we know that none of the aforementioned is deceased and thankfully so, but you get the idea of just how dreadful these guys have become.

The rants and chants of “Fiyah Isiah” were rampant again and very loud. But that shouldn’t be surprising because some of these very same fans were singing the same jingle while they were in the midst winning just the other day against the Nets. And the Nets are a team that virtually manhandled the Knicks every sense Jason Kidd arrived there from Phoenix in a trade for Stephon Marbury going 25-5 in games Kidd played.

The losing has gotten out of hand. Something has got to give at some point in time. And if the fans in attendance have their way, that would be a GREAT way to spend Christmas; as evidenced by some of the signs that were flashed by various patrons.

By the way, the fans that brought the Isiah must go posters were escorted out. The Knicks have gotten just that sensitive these days. But, they may as well get used to it for the foreseeable future. They were able to beat LeBron James and the Cavaliers, however next up — Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Too bad the NBA and the union hasn’t adopted rule like the NFL and abolish all guaranteed contracts. This way these guys would know that they can be cut at any moment and thus you would have to be more accountable (play hard on defense as well) for yourself and your teams and thus the stinkeroo games will be very few and far between.

But, these guys are so spoiled and satisfied with the fact that they will ‘get there’s’ every 1st and 15th of the month even if they’re riding the bench, just staying moderately healthy is sufficient. The salaries are out of hand in every way.

Just think a guy like Jerome James who talent and health wise isn’t worth a grain of salt, is making an average of 6 million a year. That money is all guaranteed, and he is on the books for another 2 years after this one. And if by chance he’s healthy enough after coming off of knee surgery, he will not play any more than 5 minutes per game.

As Don King would say, “only in America!”