Jets Only Hope Sunday Brad Smith

Updated: December 14, 2007



The only thing Good

you can say about

Eric Mangini is

he is NOT Isiah Thomas

King of IDIOT Coaches

After that it is hard to find anything good to say about Eric Mangini or his New Jersey Jets. Actually there is one thing sort of. He finally got rid of The Loser Chad Pennington at Quarterback. Of course he replaced him with another White Boy ( oh oh we we told not to use that phrase ). Which brings us to the point of this THIRD Box this season SLAMMING Mangini for refusing to give Brad Smith any chance to become the Jets Starting Quarterback.

We get accused of finding

Racism behind every tree

NO only most of them

And we have never overtly accused Mangini or his Boss WOODY Johnson of Racism in so many words. But we do know Brad Smith had an even better college career at Quarterback than White Man (is that better) Kellen Clemens who in 5 or 6 games now as Starting Quarterback has been anything but Awesome. If Kellen is the Jersey Jets Quarterback of the Future SELL your season tickets – is it worth 3 hours to leave the parking lot after their next loss – the Jets have no future in your lifetime.

Which brings us to Sunday’s

Patriots vs. Jets game in

Foxboro in the Snow

New England is a 24 point favorite. The ONLY question is why ONLY 24 points. Is it because the ball will be slippery in the Snow. Why would that help the hopeless Jets. They will probably lose by even more. How about a 50 point spread. That makes more sense.

Which brings us to today’s Point

The Jets have nothing to lose – get it – if Mangini takes that Stupid look he always carries around on his face and tries something RADICAL like being innovative and imaginative. Yes that is a stretch and why we are writing this Box for Clueless Eric. SURPRISE THE PATRIOTS WITH A NEW STARTING QUARTERBACK MANGINI. Yes we’re shouting. How else to reach Mangini.

Certainly not Chad Pennington who is DEAD. As far as football goes. In fact he should not even bother traveling to Foxboro so Snow can fall all over him while he stands on the Sidelines doing nothing. Better he stays back in Jersey and does some Christmas shopping. Or watch the Giants game or something. As for the New Loser square jawed mean look in his eyes Kellen Clemens who the Patriots cannot wait to walk all over again and again in the Snow. The only question is how many interceptions will he throw and how many times will be fumble the ball.

Which brings us to Mangini’s

ONLY other roster Quarterback

who has been patiently quietly

waiting for his Chance which

NEVER comes even though

Brad Smith was a STAR

College Quarterback

at Missouri for FOUR

straight years a record

setting Quarterback but

Smith has a Big Problem

( here we go again )

Smith is a BLACK QB

so it’s decision time

Mangini you can

roll over and play

DEAD in the Snow

Sunday or FINALLY

give Brad Smith his Chance

maybe he’ll do too well is

that your Problem Eric ?

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box …….

Brad Smith ” I’M VERY VERY READY “