It’s Time To Take A Step Forward at FSU

By L.A. Batchelor
Updated: December 19, 2007

NORTH CAROLINA — If there ever was a time for the legendary Bobby Bowden to step down as head football coach of Florida State. The Seminoles are coming off yet another sub-par season and the fans and alumni are not happy.

To add insult to injury, the ‘Noles take there mediocre 7-5 record into the unfamiliar Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl on New Year’s Eve to face Kentucky without 36 of their players suspended because their roles in an academic cheating scandal involving an Internet-based course leaving coach Bowden and the rest of the team in a shorthanded situation.

The decline of the program has been a steady downward spiral as Florida State finished with less than 10 wins for the fourth consecutive season after posting 10 wins or more from 1987-2000.

I can’t believe the brain trust of Florida State would allow such mediocrity to go on for so long without putting pressure on Coach Bowden and making him realize like Tom Landry of the Cowboys, Chuck Noll and others alike, had to make the tough but right decision to step down.

Now I know the Seminoles have designated offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher as Bowden’s eventual successor, but Florida State could also seize the opportunity to hire an African American head coach who either has little or extensive experience in the past.

Hey, if The Miami Hurricanes can do it, why can’t the Seminoles?

A veteran coach like Dennis Green and a newcomer like Karl Dorrell are just two names that are more than capable of taken on the daunted task of rebuilding a program that still has the talent, prestige and resources to once again become one of the nation’s elite programs.

Becoming one of the elite football programs in the country starts with the resignation of Coach Bowden. He was good for the game in the past but not good for the growth and progression of the Florida State Football program for the future.

Next on the “please resign” list, Washington Redskins head coach, Joe Gibbs.