Ice Hockey Outdoors Where Are The Black Players

Updated: December 28, 2007


It makes all the sense in

the Big Wide World

playing ICE hockey


where do they play

Football and it’s not

called ICE Football


Lots of Hockey fans agree because on TuesdayNew Year’s Day in Buffalo the NHL Buffalo Sabres and Pittsburgh Penguins will battle it out OUTDOORS where they “normally” play Buffalo Bills games in Ralph Wilson Stadium to sold out crowds. Well Tuesday the Sabres will sell out the stadium as well.

74,000 screaming fans are expected

the weather should be PERFECT

32 degrees and snow showers

( OK a bit too warm ! )

Believe it or not and you probably do this will be the FIRST NHL game ever played Outdoor in these United States. That’s whole lot of games ALL played indoors. WHY ?? For no good reason that’s WHY. This will be the largest crowd by far to ever watch an NHL game in the USA and its NOT indoors where it’s “warm and comfortable.”

Want to make a bet about the game

even thought Buffalo has a large

African American population

there will be few if any

Black Buffalonians

in the Stands


Because there will be very few IF any down on the Ice and absolutely NO African Americans maybe a Black Canadian or two. But probably not. Your writer is a Sports Philosopher not a Sports Junkie. Keep it a Secret. We could check the rosters but why bother. This is NOT a Box about the game it is about Sports and Reality in America.

What is interesting is that NHL Brass are placing this New Year’s game OUTDOORS and hyping it to the High Heavens because of the dismal lack of interest in Hockey in these United States. The NOVELTY will draw a record crowd in the Stands and maybe even far more importantly on television in the USA.

Here is how an NHL official

waxes eloquently about

The Outdoor Game

” It’s awesome for the league. I think we’re going to expose this game to a number of other people who normally don’t watch. Having a New Year’s Day time slot on NBC and CBC is awesome. It gives us the ability to go head-to-head with major bowl games, something we haven’t had before.”

” I think we’ll be exposed to a lot of new fans going forward,” Renzulli said. “And, we give the opportunity to 70,000 fans to come at one time to watch. As loud as HSBC Arena can get when the Sabres score, it’s going to be three times as loud this time around. I think the buzz that is going on right now in Buffalo is tremendous.”

” The fan support up there is tremendous. Tickets sold out in about 40 minutes. The demand is there and the press the game has been getting has been awesome.”

You can BET that was not the reaction

in Buffalo’s many Black neighborhoods

Does that bother the NHL at all. It’s worse than that. You can be sure that Concern never ever crossed their minds as they ironically were telling everyone who they could find that INNOVATION AND EXCITEMENT are the key to the NHL doing far better in these United States.

What a Leap it would have been for the NHL decision makers to have said hey the League we envy most of all the MOST successful League on the face of this Earth is the National FOOTBALL League which plays most of its games OUTDOORS in fact in Buffalo right in the same stadium as Tuesday’s NHL Winter Classic …..

And in the NFL over

70% of the Players are

AFRICAN American


National Hockey League

so watch the Big Game

see what the NHL is


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