Hatton: Floyd Is Insecure

By Francis Walker
Updated: December 7, 2007

NEW YORK — Floyd Mayweather and Ricky Hatton are in conflict. Mayweather calls Hatton “Ricky Fatton.” Hatton believes that Floyd is insecure. Mayweather believes that he is the best fighter in the world, while Hatton isn’t even in is league. Hatton feels that he’s more exciting than Floyd and vows to beat the “Pretty Boy.”

Mayweather (38-0, 24 KOs) and Hatton (43-0, 31 KOs) will both settle their differences on Saturday when the two meet in a clash between two unbeaten fighters entering the prime of their careers.

“Undefeated: Mayweather vs. Hatton” will take place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV. The bout, scheduled for 12 rounds for Mayweather’s WBC super welterweight championship, will be available on HBO Pay-Per-View.

The fight is expected to generate more than 1.5 million buys domestically. And why shouldn’t it? Mayweather is one of the hottest boxers in the world today and Hatton is an all-action fighter.

Mayweather and Hatton had the opportunity to get to know one another a lot during five-city international press tour to help promote their intriguing match. Mayweather, known for his boxing skills, is also a trash-taker.

Heckled by Mayweather’s “Ricky Fatton” taunts, Hatton appeared to be unfazed.

“You need to know me personally to realize that whatever he’s doing is not getting under my skin,” said Hatton, a 29 year-old from Manchester, England. “He’s tried to insult me by calling me Ricky Fatton, but didn’t realize that I had named myself Ricky Fatton in the first place.”

Hatton went as far as to say that the reason why Mayweather, 30, Las Vegas, NV, taunts and boasts of his money, jewelry, cars, and clothes is because he is an insecure person.

“I think [Mayweather’s] an insecure person,” Hatton added. “I think that’s why he surrounds himself with five or six bodyguards. They all seem to be yes men. He always needs people whispering in his ear, ‘you’re the man. You’re number one.”

” You’re going to do this, you’re going to do that.’ That’s all a sign of insecurity. You don’t need anybody whispering in your ear saying you’re the best. If you believe you’re the best than you don’t need anybody reminding you or reassuring you’re the best.”

“I think he is an insecure person,” Hatton continued. “He does like to play mind games. I don’t think he did it to try to intimidate you… I think what he tries to do is get under you skin and try to annoy you. More annoy you than try to scare you.”

Hatton obviously has no fear of Mayweather, a taller, faster and more skilled and accomplished fighter. Mayweather has achieved the status of being the best fighter in the world and his credentials speaks for itself. Mayweather has won every World Boxing Council championship from super featherweight (130) to super welterweight (154).

In Mayweather’s last bout, he out-boxed Oscar De La Hoya through twelve rounds to win a split-decision in May.

Although some experts give Hatton a punchers chance to beat Mayweather, the consensus belief is that Mayweather should win convincingly. Hattton, of course is unfazed by talk and of course his opponent.

“[Mayweather] must surely know that when he sees me and looks into my eyes that I’m not scared,” Hatton concluded. “He knows that I believe that I can win. He knows I have no fear of him.”