Happy Camper Lastings Milledge

Updated: December 1, 2007



Some people can’t wait

to get to New York City

others have had enough

and want out so long

Lastings Milledge

now DC bound

Milledge now formerly of the New York Mets did not exactly ask to leave he was just Traded to the Washington Nationals. But he could not be happier. Under the Circumstances. In fact Milledge and the Mets are both happy.

Even if both would have been even HAPPIER if the Real World did not force the Trade. No doubt Lastings would enjoy playing in the Big Apple as a REGULAR Outfielder for the Mets in 2008 and Beyond. In fact that was the way it was supposed to be when the Mets thought of Milledge as their Golden Boy. Until he turned out NOT to be. NOT that Milledge would agree. But after his various trips up and down up and down between the Minors ad the Show at Shea the Mets lost Faith.

Whether or not they should

Lastings would add

Of course if you ask Milledge the problem was he did not get to play enough. Both GM Omar Minaya and Field Manager Willie Randolph THINK Milledge got to play ENOUGH to prove to them Milledge was not going to become the SuperStar even the reliable hitting outfielder they hoped he would be.

Who’s right who’s wrong

maybe both are

And since we like to specialize in IRONY whenever possible in the Box in fact both the Mets and Milledge are getting exactly what they want say need if you prefer based on the situation as both of them perceive it. In reality they agree. Lastings absolutely wants to play FULL time as it is expected he will with the Washington Nationals and in his view prove what an outstanding player he is IF allowed to play.

The Mets well the Mets are desperate for a reliable defensive catcher at this point and think they need a fair hitting good glove outfielder both of which they THINK they have gotten from Washington in the deal for Milledge. Catcher Brian Schneider and Outfielder Ryan Church. Both of whom we will imagine are also HAPPY coming to New York City and believing anyway that the change in scenery will make them the STARS that have eluded them down in Washington. And Omar and Willie with visions of being Two Smart Cookies making this trade and getting rid of Lastings.

Now here comes the REAL World again

the 2008 Major League Baseball Season

By this time next year all these parties including the Nationals management to fill out this roster all of them may be BEAMING because the trade worked out so well for both the Mets and the Nationals. For Milledge and Schneider and Ryan.

FAT Chance

That dear readers is very statistically unlikely. In fact most trades like this subconsciously are motivated by each team being VERY accurate in assessing the player(s) they are willing to let go. And indeed Lastings should be sanguine to the fact the Nationals did not have to give up any Heavy Hitters to acquire him. And on the other side the Mets should admit to themselves the same. What they got. That what they gave up is far more POTENTIAL value than the two players they acquired can ever aspire.

So in the End

The reality is by next Winter there might be any combination of happiness and unhappiness about this trade on the Mets and the Nationals depending on what happens in the REAL World and why Sports is the REAL World played on and next to ball fields. Also the fact that just like every place else in life judgments made and plans developed so very often are torn apart by what REALLY happens not what we want.

So while Milledge is HAPPILY

packing his bags and dreaming

of Stardom in Washington and

Omar & Willie congratulate

themselves on their trade

everyone should WAIT

before deciding to be


naughty or nice

until 2008 and

it’s Christmas again

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Milledge ” I’M SO EXCITED …