Getting It Right Saturday Night

Updated: December 26, 2007


Whether or not

Saturday night‘s NFL game

featuring the Patriots vs. Giants

deserves all the Hoopla over

a virtually meaningless game is

Something for Sports Philosophers

to debate for the Ages

( if they have nothing better to do )

From our perspective what is most important about the FIRST NFL game to be simulcast on both CBS and NBC since the First SuperBowl in 1967 is the Announcer Team. Imagine if all or most of the NFL games reflected the same logic. What a different world it would be.

Here is the Low Down

the same two announcers

will be seen and heard

on CBS and NBC


They are …..

Bryant Gumbel and Cris Collingsworth. The First Game in NFL history simulcast on two network utilizing the same feed will FEATURE an African American and a White American. Now if there were Simple Minded Types reading the Box which there aren’t thank God (except for the occasional interloper) they would be saying WHAT ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT AND WHO CARES.

That is because those

Brainless Sports Fans

don’t get it or don’t care

or worse or both

That is the State of Sports Broadcasting specifically today in the NFL where over 95% of the television play by play broadcasters for the 32 NFL teams are White – over 95%. That speaks more to the Reality of Sports in America than what is going on the playing field below.

BROADCASTERS ARE MADE NOT BORN Sports Fans. There is NO doubt NO doubt if the networks or the NFL decided that it was unfair that over 95% of the NFL game broadcasters were White that a policy to increase the number of African Americans to just let’s say 10% that there would be a long lie of retired Black NFL players and plenty of talented non- players as well lining up to audition. For those 12 or so broadcast positions that would be created for a more BALANCE in the booth.

As far as the New England vs. New Jersey game itself

maybe it s worth a second opinion

Down on the frozen field it will not be HISTORIC with a Big H but it does have its drama with the Patriots seeking to go 16-0, proving they are invincible and demoralizing the rest of the teams in post-season play.

For the New Jersey Giants to win it would be the most Meaningful Meaningless game in their entire history. To defeat the invincible Patriots would PROPEL the Giants into the Play-offs leaving them and their fans to DREAM of reaching the SuperBowl – let alone survive the first game – because they are good enough to beat the “greatest NFL team in history” even if an exaggeration.

And they would provide all the other Post-Season teams hope and maybe the strategy for beating the Patriots. No doubt every seat will be filled in Giant stadium even for a “meaningless” game on a Saturday night in the middle of winter. And would have been even if the weather was colder and if there were Snow in the forecast. Most of all the stadium will be filled because of the HYPE FACTOR the NFL and CBS and NBC all combined have their media teams in over-drive for this one.

And guess what why not. The excitement we manufacture about various sports events are an inherent aspect of the appeal of Sports. And this is a quintessential example. Yes a “meaningless” game on one level but one ready made for us and the media machines to use our imagination to add an extra dose of excitement to our Saturday night before or instead of Saturday night sex.

But the Greatest Story of all

will not be available to those

“lucky” to be in the Stands

(freezing or filled with beer)

those of us watching on TV

will see and hear the NFL

as it should be all the time

but almost NEVER is

An African American

and White American

The Broadcast Team

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