Empty Words State Of The Union State Of Steroids

Updated: December 27, 2007


It’s so obvious

It’s impossible to ignore

Every time President Bush speaks but most of all at his annual State of the Union speech, again last night, he has this wry smile, call it a smirk on his face. It’s a look that says ‘you really don’t believe anything I’m saying and neither do I.’

Still as the President read from his teleprompter for almost one hour he did more than he thought. Bush presented the American people with an endurance test. If they could make it through his State of the Union speech the American people could survive anything.

It is conventional wisdom that the members of Congress packed into the House for The Speech rise and cheer during the speech more times than seems humanly possible because they are enthralled by the president’s powerful oratory. Wrong. The Congress men and women learned a secret long ago now passed on from generation to generation of law makers.

By standing and clapping again and again they avoid the embarrassment of being photographed sleeping during the president’s speech or worse suffer serious injury from blood clots that might travel to their brain after sitting for so long with nothing to think about.

Up at the Podium the president thinks they are cheering for him which keeps him from the even more embarrassing possibility of falling to sleep while delivering The Speech.

Which believe it or not brings up to Steroids and President Bush. For those who survived to the last few minutes of his State of the Union – God Bless us – President Bush had some words of Wisdom about steroids and sports.

Right there in his State of the Union speech. After he has covered every other subject known to man, woman or beast.

Except when it came to Steroids unlike every other issue under the Sun the president had no new legislation, no funding, not even a Presidential commission to offer. He had Nothing to offer other than a useless admonition to teams, coaches and athletes that steroids aren’t all that good for you and please consider not using them. At least now we know why George Bush is president.

He is so Smart.

OK now we’ll put the Satire aside and get right to the point. It is nothing but political BS from President Bush to open his mouth about Steroids and offer absolutely no new initiative to reduce and eliminate their use. Made even worse by the fact this is one issue the President could have easily provided some progress. If he really wanted to of course.

Which he obviously didn’t.

And guess who signed on to the President’s new steroid “crusade” the next morning. This is almost too funny to believe. Major League Baseball.

Yes Major League Baseball which just recently announced it’s first restrictions ever on steroid use, and restrictions that are so phony that they will increase rather than decrease rampant steroid use in baseball because getting caught which won’t be easy to begin with, is no problem at all. A player needs to test positive five times before they are subject to any meaningful penalty.

Be thankful for small favors.

Probably only because The White House didn’t think of it the President did not invite Barry Bonds to sit next to Mrs. Bush in the gallery during The Speech and rise to hs feet cheering when President Bush began his two sentence sing song against steroid use.

Oh yea you go Mr. President MLB Commissioner Bud Selig said Wednesday we have joined your Crusade. We are even bigger Hypocrites. What President Bush had no intention of saving Tuesday night but which he easily could have is:

1) Any USA athlete who is ever confirmed using steroids will be barred for life from ever competing for USA in the Olympics.

2) That he will introduce legislation in Congress that all sports in America adopt a uniform no steroids policy across all sports and both amateur and professional with just one confirmed use of steroids barring that athlete from competing permanently.

3) An executive order or legislation as required that any college that does not bar any student athlete confirmed to have used steroids, will lose all its federal funding for any and all programs at that college.

4) That the Federal government will provide up to $100 million to support an advanced research lab that will develop tests that will uncover all steroids no matter how obscure or how new, and set up a national facility that will be able to test all urine and blood samples from every athlete for all steroids with the best accuracy ever devised.

So that an initial “positive” will be sent to this federal lab which will determine with complete accuracy if the initial results hold up.

President Bush said none of that. He has no interest in using the power of the Presidency or the Federal government to eliminate this scourge. He just wants to look good in front of the American people so he can corral their votes in November.

On the other hand why complain.

The President’s men wrote the State of the Union to be just one thing and they succeeded. It was George Bush‘s first big campaign speech of the 2004 election. President Bush‘s chances of doing anything substantial to combat steroid use is about as likely as him finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Sorry Mr.

President we forgot that

was last year’s State of the Union speech.