Christmas Gift

Updated: December 21, 2007



Time is growing short

Big Day almost here

we’ve got some


to do


It’s not easy Christmas Shopping here in the Box. Especially since the BASN STORE is not up and running yet ! Now the CEO knows what he can get us. Anyway with the BASN Shop not available even to the Black Box we’ll just have to use our Imagination. Anyway the kind of Stuff we want to buy may not even be available in the BASN on-line store. Even when it opens. Next Christmas ?

Here we are going to have to go

somewhere very special for

our Christmas Gifts

some place others

rarely shop

We’re going straight to our Imagination. To find all of you Our Loyal Readers some PERFECT Gifts. Let’s begin with a great Stocking Stuffer. Something unusual if “small” that will fascinate you just as any good Stocking gift will. Well we went out and got you are some BLACK Kickers for the NFL.

About as rare a gift as you can find on an NFL Gridiron. Imagine if each Sunday next season especially if you have your satellite dish – someone else can buy you that – NFL Sunday Ticket on your larger than life ( you can dream ) flat screen TVevery Sunday low and behold when it’s time to kick a Field Goal in some of those games YES a Kicker an AFRICAN American Kicker runs on to the Field.

You should already be satisfied

if that is all we have for you

but there is much more !

Although it is OUR gift we have a very special Gift Certificate from YES Tiger Woods. Tiger is going to GUARANTEE that he will not rest until there are at least 10 other African American on the PGA Tour which includes well over 200 Pro Golfers. Tiger wanted to do more but we told him to save something for NEXT Christmas. Luckily we had no trouble getting him to agree to limit his Generosity.

That’s enough ???

NO way we appreciate

our Fans here in the BOX

and all over BASN

SURPRISE ! For the first time in ALL of history we are going to get you an AFRICAN American franchise owner. That’s right. We aren’t going to tell you which team. You’ll have to wait for Christmas morning but WOW by the start of the 2008 NFL season a BLACK owner !

How about Baseball ….

We need to put a Baseball Gift under the Christmas Tree. Let’s make it Two ! With Bud Selig more discredited than ever for everyone ( except the Stupid White Owners ) and with almost all those named in the Steroid Report being White ( or Latino ) we are going to give them and you the First BLACK Major League Baseball Commissioner. That is right an African American Baseball Commissioner ( sorry Rachel not you it’s not Halloween ). Could it be Hank Aaron. Too old ??

Also under the Tree you will find FIVE more Black MLB Umpires. That’s right for the first time in MLB history there will be more than two of the 70 MLB Umpires Black. That’s right 7 0f 70 MLB Umpires YEN Percent of the Umpires African American. Enjoy that Gift.

Turning to Basketball another gift you will long remember. Open this one carefully. Don’t wait to get cut on the rough edges. But for you we are getting rid of BOTH Knicks owner Jim Dolan AND Coach Isiah Thomas. That’s right. And replacing Dolan with a Black owner and Thomas with new Black head coach. The second part of this gift is you get to choose both. So start thinking.

Aren’t we Generous and

we’ve got lots more Gifts

for you that we need to

beautifully Wrap and

put under the Christmas Tree

but the one most important gift

the very best gift of ALL

you already have and

it just keeps getting

better and better

Black Athlete Sports Network

and next Christmas you can

do your own Shopping here !

( hopefully )

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box …….

Black Santai ” I’M HERE FOR YOU “