Updated: December 6, 2007


Pat White WAS on his Way

to New York City this weekend

until last Saturday night now he’s

gone off to hide in Shame

( or certainly should )

Pat White WAS on his Way

to the BCS Championship Game

until last Saturday night now he’s

gone off to hide in Shame

( or certainly should ) How could #2 ranked West Virginia lost to Pittsburgh a FOUR Touchdown underdog even more when all West Virginia had to do was beat them for White to be a strong contender for the Heisman and for West Virginia to be GUARANTEED going to the BCS Championship game.

ANSWER They could not lost such a game BUT WEST VIRGINIA DID and to make it even worse CALL IT IMPOSSIBLE it was a home game for West Virginia not playing in some alien territory Let’s save ink, trees, and electronic bits there are no good excuses for West Virginia’s loss certainly NOT Pat White’s injured thumb on his NON-throwing hand, THERE ARE NO VALID EXCUSES. Pat White and his team are GUILTY of the most embarrassing and pathetic word in Sports THEY CHOKED. They couldn’t handle the pressure. Without a hint of sexism please they ran away screaming like a bunch of little girls. We must live with the embarrassment of calling Pat White a LEADER in the Box time and again. Pat White showed the world of Sports what he is when it counted.

Pat White is a LOSER when it counted and that is the only time that really counts If he has any integrity or self-respect left he will tell the NFL he does not want his name placed in the NFL Draft under any circumstances. And save himself another embarrassment. Pat White will NEVER be chosen in the NFL Draft. If you ran an NFL team you would be better scouring homeless shelters for a new player than to pick Pat White. Trust us you do NOT need a Quarterback who CRUMBLES when your team makes it to the Big Game against a third rate team and a potential Championship is on the line. A Quarterback who might tell you he doesn’t want to play because he is not in the mood or if he does play so listlessly the other team doesn’t even need 11 players on the field to win.

Now don’t get us wrong Pat White seems like a nice young man. No doubt he will makes a good doctor, lawyer, or Walmart manager. Probably anything he decides on EXCEPT pro football. If you are slow let us repeat this. West Virginia“behind” Pat White lost to Pittsburgh 13-9 a FOUR TOUCHDOWN UNDERDOG in West Virginia’s most important game EVER.

Apparently West Virginia will still be invited to a Bowl game who isn’t there are so so many. Your grandmother’s knitting circle will probably get one. But there should be a new Bowl for teams like West Virginia. We are not gong to be original here. Why bother. The Perfect Bowl Game for Pat White and his Mountaineers newly renamed the Chokers – there is only one Bowl worthy of them so what if it is infantile they deserve it The Toilet Bowl.

What is most disappointing of all with a superb game against Pittsburgh White could have run up numbers that could have produced another rare Black Quarterback Heisman Trophy Winner instead all Pat White did is

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