Boyz To Men?: Not So In Baltimore

By Gregory Moore
Updated: December 7, 2007

SAN ANTONIO — Tis the Christmas season and all’s well on the sports scene. Oh wait what is that I here down in B-More the other day.

Samari Rolle thinks he was disrespected by a referee and says he was called a “derogatory” name during Monday night’s game.

“The refs called me a boy. No.110 [McKinnely] called me a boy,” Rolle said in the locker room Monday night. “I have a wife and three kids. Don’t call me a boy. Don’t call me a boy on the field during a game because I said, ‘You’ve never played football before.'” — click here for story.

Okay let’s get something straight. Rolle, who was born in 1976, is trying to chastise Phil McKinley because he called you a boy? McKinley is 53 years old and was born in 1954. When McKinley was toiling around in the NFL for seven years, Rolle was, gasp, a boy. McKinley is 22 years Rolle’s senior and that makes him a what? A boy.

So from this 41-year-old who is ten years Rolle’s senior, let me say something to him in a language, “Boy get your ass in gear and quit tripping over stupid [bleep].”

If Rolle wants to go off on me for calling him a boy he can. If he wants to act like a boy and throw a damn temper tantrum because he thought a grown man 22 years older than him dissed him, let him. Let him act a boy.

On the playing field on Monday night, the whole defensive squad that was on the field last Monday night against the New England Patriots acted like little boys during crunch time. The biggest boy on the field wasn’t Rolle but actually Bart Scott for his temper tantrum that he threw after the Pats’ touchdown.

“Boy what the hell was your problem? Have you lost all sensibilities in being a professional football player in the NFL?”

What Scott, who is 27 years old, did was inexcusable and he acted as mature as a five year old who didn’t get his nightly snack before bedtime. Two costly penalties, both unsportsmanlike conduct in nature and assessed a 15-yard penalty value, put the Ravens in a hole they couldn’t get out of. Scott was out of control on the sidelines and he definitely didn’t endear himself to the offense.

“Boy you need to be taught discipline for that stunt you pulled.”

Brian Billick should be wringing Scott’s neck for that move. He should be benched a game for not having restraint. His team suffered because of that play and he needs to make amends for those actions.

“Boy you need to get your act together if you want to play on this team.”

But Rolle and Scott aren’t the only guilty parties. Lack of discipline is what cost the Ravens this game. Instead playing smart, intelligent ball in the cover two scheme, they let their emotions get the best of them.

A defense that for 58 minutes held the Pats in check unraveled the minute controversy showed up. That’s not Ravens’ defense and every member of the defensive unit should be embarrassed by that effort.

The Ravens’ defense wants respect but yet on that night they actually disrespected themselves and a few others. Whether Rolle, Scott or anyone else on that team wants to admit it, they dissed McKinley and whether they like it or not, McKinley had every right to call him or anyone else “boy” when he is disrespected in the fashion that I saw. Yeah Samari you were wrong, wrong, did I say you were wrong in your actions? You were wrong.

Rolle needs to understand what the connotation of “boy” means coming from someone in their 50s or higher. That generation, especially the blacks in that generation, used that term very loosely. When it came from a father figure down to an individual who is his junior, boy or son are the terms of endearment or chastisement. Rolle knows that. Heck we all know that.

Now maybe there are going to be some individuals who think that if McKinley did call Rolle a boy, he was wrong. Oh and young black men calling each other “nigga this” and “nigga that” is acceptable?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen the subtle rules in the black community of what is considered a racial epithet amongst the members is a tricky one indeed. We have individuals who no compunction calling each other a very divisive word that if somebody outside of their clique said, they would be looking to fight, stab, or kill them over.

Rolle’s involvement has finally come out in the Baltimore Sun and columnist David Steele gave all of us the very reason why the word “boy” should be used in the fashion I used it; Rolle lied about being the instigator.

Yep this is exactly what “boys” do when they try to make themselves look good in front of parents. Grow up Rolle. Just grow up and be a man about the situation. Oh and by the way, don’t you owe a certain referee an apology? Man up and do so.

As far as the play on the field, that unit acted like little boys, not men, and that was an embarrassment to the Ravens’ fans. So until the Ravens play like men, maybe the title of “boys” fits.

It definitely did that night against the Pats.