Box & One With Carlos Boozer

By Wesley Chism Jr
Updated: December 4, 2007

SEATTLE — Carlos Boozer, of the Utah Jazz, entering his fifth year out of Duke University is on his way to becoming an All-Star this season and a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

At press time he’s averaging 25.4 points, 11.20 rebounds and 2.8 assists per game. He’s ranked in the top ten in several different categories and had season-high 36 points against Detroit. He was just named Western Conference Player of the Month for his performance during November.

“I really worked hard during the off season to be in the best physically condition possible so that I’m a threat every time that the ball is in my hands”, Boozer said. “Many people get side tracked and over think the process but to be honest it’s the little things that make the difference.”

“I worked on my 15-foot jumper, spent countless hours shooting free throws and spent time learning to be a better passer. Most importantly I’m working on becoming a better defensive player. That is where I want to make my mark on the court and separate myself from other forwards in the league.”

The Utah Jazz got a good taste of the playoffs last season and it was just enough to wet their appetite for more. “We are definitely going deeper in the playoffs this year and have the personnel to do it”, Boozer added.

“There’s such a great advantage in being with a team for more than one or two years. You have the opportunity to build a chemistry and trust with your teammates which is very important.”

“At this time, I have enormous confidence in this team and what we can do together. During a timeout when a play is drawn up, I can come out of that huddle with the utmost confidence knowing our chances for success is great because we know how to finish games.”

It is official, Carlos Boozer is now a seasoned veteran in the NBA and it’s a role that he takes very seriously. “We’ve got some great young talented players on the team this year that can come in and contribute immediately and they are learning very fast”, said Boozer.

“I’ve tried to make the transition easier for our Rookies whenever and wherever possible because it can be a lot to deal with and at times overwhelming.”

The key to the success of the Utah Jazz this year is predicated on how well they play team defense. “All the pieces are there this season and our coaching staff prepares us every day to be in position to win”, Boozer added.

It is up to us now, the players, to execute the plan and bring a championship back to Utah.”