BASN’s Seven Days Of Xmas (Day Six)

By Wesley Chism Jr.
Updated: December 22, 2007

SEATTLE — There are only a few times in life when you here a sound that makes you stop and noticed. Fireworks on the Fourth of July, the sound of laughter, applause and you can now add the voice of John Stoddart. He’s got a blend of classic soul and R&B with a light touch of Jazz.

At the time of this interview I’m catching him just coming off tour in China with Saxophonist, Kirk Whalum. “The experience was unbelievable, we did four shows in three nights to a sold out enthusiastic audience, with a great appreciation and understanding of what we do. I’m looking forward to returning.

John Stoddart started playing the piano shortly after he learned to walk with his first lessons coming from his Grandmom Ruth who played the piano and organ for several churches around West Philadelphia for years. “My grandmother truly has been an inspiration to me and created a deep passion for what I do.”

John Stoddart has a style that is completely his own simply because he writes and sings about things that are close to him and the message is love. “I’m inspired by and appreciate the little things in life such as the look on my little girls face when I wake them in the morning and to hear them say, “good morning daddy” it just doesn’t get better than for me.”

With all the other projects that john has going on, writing and producing for others, he has still managed to put out three albums of his own. I asked him to pick out his favorite.

“Every one of them is special to me and represents a special place in my life during the time of its conception. You always want to grow as an artist and find ways to get your music heard.”

One of my favorite tunes is “Love So Real” from his debut album but I also like “Wings To Walk This Road” from his sophomore album but I downloaded “Sweet” from his latest release so you will just have to decide for yourself.

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