BASN’s Seven Days Of Xmas (Day Seven)

By Wesley Chism Jr.
Updated: December 23, 2007

SEATTLE — Back in the day all it took was two turn tables and a microphone but that’s not the case anymore, things have come a long way since then. You’ve got to be able to move the crowd, true indeed but you need to be able to provide them with something that will make them say,” hum.”

If you want to succeed in this business you gotta be on top of your game and separate yourself from the ordinary. At this time, I would like to introduce you to DJ Chela who just may be the best DJ that you never heard of until now. She has worked with a host of MC’s such as KRS One, Talib Kweli, Dead Prez and Mystic just to name a few.

What DJ Chela can do with four minutes and 52 seconds is simply amazing! If you don’t believe me check out “High Treason” (Track six) and she just may possibly change your life forever.

I have no problem telling you that it stirred emotions within me that moved me to tears. I listen to that one track for about 30 minutes without realizing it and heard something different on every play back.

DJ Chela’s style is hard to put into words but it reminds me of House Music with a blend of intelligence reminiscence of Public Enemy sprinkled with a touch of funk with a pure uncut appreciation for Hip Hop in its natural form.

The beats are underground and the message is subliminal, mixed together DJ Chela is teaching a community. Check out Embedded Reporter Live from the Frontline. “It is my goal to spread the message of hope and how we can communicate better as a people and to explore the possibilities of how powerful that we can be united together.”

“I’ve been in the game six years and truly love what I do. The way that people have embraced me and the respect that they have shown for what I do is truly rewarding, stated DJ Chela.

The genius and mastery can be heard in every track but don’t take my word for it, find out for yourself. Mix tapes are available at or