BASN’s Seven Days Of Xmas (Day Four)

By Wesley Chism Jr.
Updated: December 20, 2007

SEATTLE — I remember the days of my youth when having a pocket knife was the most important thing in the world. We would blow our entire allowance buying a box of Cracker Jacks just hoping that I knife was inside.

By the way, I hear that those knives are worth a lot of money now. Well, the folks over at Leatherman haven’t forgotten that feeling and have captured that experience with a pocket knife that you will want to hang on too.

It’s the Leatherman e306x series or what I affectionately refer to it as my “Missions Impossible” knife because it has some many functions. The Leatherman e306 has a locking (154 cm) stainless steel blade, bottle opener, bit driver with two interchangeable bits and a removable pocket clip.

Not only that but it can slice, dice and make julienne fries. Using this knife is often the highlight of my camping trip but now that I’ve got a fashionable sheath, I wear it on my buckle and wait with anticipation for the opportunity to put one of its many functions to use.

The Leatherman e306 is the perfect stocking stuffer for the athlete in your life this Christmas. Checkout their website at for a retailer closet to you and other products that may be best suited for your lifestyle.