BASN Holiday Health Tips

By Wesley Chism Jr.
Updated: December 29, 2007

SEATTLE — Staying in shape has become something very important to me with each birthday candle that I blow out. I don’t like the fitness clubs because I never have enough time to use their facilities to warrant all the money that I’m spending on the membership.

So I’ve created my own personal gym right in the comforts of my garage. Now it appears that I will need to get rid of all this equipment due to this treasure that I’ve come across call the Perfect Pushup.

In one word, it’s amazing! I had already been doing pushups but this equipment really took it up a notch. It was invented by Alden Mills, a former Navy Seal, so you know that it’s a product that you can trust.

The Perfect Pushup has rotating handles that is designed to move with the natural pattern of your arm which eliminates sore joints or strained muscles. It’s perfect for all levels of fitness and 15 minutes a day can change your life forever.

Within the first week of using the Perfect Pushup not only could I see the difference in the mirror but I could also feel it in my shirts. The Perfect Pushup isolates particular areas and accelerates the results.

The Perfect Pushup will strengthen your Core and will build and tone your upper body. This product is the ideal workout to strengthening the muscles in your back and shoulders while increasing size in your arms and chest.

Getting started, read the instructions to maximize your experience. The Perfect Pushup comes with a Power 10 Workout handbook that outlines your schedule for the next 21 days. Check out the calendar and decide on what areas that you want to focus on and then go for it.

Here are my favorite programs:

1. Super Set Slow — Wide, this drill focuses on your Chest and Back.

2. Super Set Slow — Regular, this drill focuses on your Chest and Triceps.

3. Super Set Slow — Close, this drill focuses on your Triceps.

I must admit that I’m excited about the results that I’m having with the Perfect Pushup and it has become an important part of my daily workout. Most importantly it doesn’t take much time out of your day; the Perfect Pushup only requires a commitment from you.

To order the Perfect Pushup, which is also a perfect gift, go online to and check it out. I’m pretty sure that you’re going to like how you look and feel.