BASN Classic BlackBox: Let It Snow African Americans Take The Slopes

Updated: December 21, 2007

A BASN Classic BlackBox Originally Published: January 09, 2004 Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow AFRICAN AMERICANS TAKE TO THE SLOPES


Marcus Garvey would be proud.

In a strange sort of way. It is unlikely he ever factored Snow into his philosophy of Black self reliance. But finding out about the National Brotherhood of Skiers he would certainly have approved. And the Symbolism. Oh the Symbolism is just too graphic to ignore. Black Americans conquering the pure white snow !

Are you ready for the best kept secret in America.

Guess what is easily the largest ski club in the nation. It is the 14,000 member African American National Brotherhood ( & Sisterhood ) of Skiers. Actually it is even more impressive than that. It is an organization composed of individual clubs, 80 clubs in 75 different American cities. Get ready they are poised to turn the snow Black over the next Decade !

The Brotherhood was first founded to little or no notice in 31 years ago and it has grown and grown relentlessly. It may be one of the most powerful Stereotype Busters ever created. And later this month for the 31 consecutive year the NBS will mount one of the largest ski events in the nation with its Annual Summit this year at Cooper Mountain, Colorado which will bring together 3500 of their most enthusiastic members.

Think about this if you go to Cooper Mountain in Colorado, between January 31st and February 7th ( 2004 ) you will have absolutely no doubt skiing is a major Black sport. The Summit will include lots of skiing and competitions but as well plenty of meeting and strategy sessions, not least among the topics, African American participation in the Winter Olympics.

And the NBS doesn’t just talk the talk or ski the slopes, the organization is sponsoring promising Black skiers right now first front & center a Black brother and sister from Alaska ( yes Alaska ) Andre & Suki Horton, competing for slots on Team USA in alpine skiing for the next Winter Olympics in 2006. They are among dozens of young African America skiers the group is giving support.

Under the leadership of current NBS president Schone Malliet their message embraces all winter sports and African Americans both enjoying them as recreational sports as well as competing at the highest levels. Even more the NBS is a template, the blueprint for changing the face of winter sports across America.

By organizing city by city and letting Black Americans know there are brothers and sisters just like them with enthusiasm for one winter sport or another, and providing a protective supportive environment in which to enjoy that sports, and networking these locals groups together nationally …

… African Americans can not only hold their own in winter sports but as proven by the NBS create organizations unlike any in the white community, and more formidable than any others in each sports despite all the inherent difficulties and handicaps for Black Americans.

Not based on getting gov’t handouts or special law passed or even gaining corporate or foundation funding. No something more basic and powerful than all that put together.

United determined activity among like minded African Americans. It has gotten the job done in many ways outside of sports. Now it can do it for the first great civil rights battleground of the 21st century. Sports.

Yes Sports the Battle Ground

Winning on and off

The Playing Field

The Ski Slope Let it Snow

Let it Snow

Let it Snow

Only 763 days until the next Winter Games ( 2006 ). Time to begin turning the snow and the ice Black America ! All Hail the National Brotherhood of Skiers for showing the Way. The only way to do it is to do it yourself.

Always remember. Never forget.

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