BASN Classic BlackBox: First Serious Move By Nascar Finally Max Siegel Named SNR Exec

Updated: December 16, 2007

A BASN Classic BlackBox Originally Published: December 15, 2006 FIRST SERIOUS MOVE BY NASCAR FINALLY MAX SIEGEL NAMED SNR EXEC


The Wall Street Journal

wrote Thursday what

we’ve been writing all along

the NASCAR diversity program

has been one big SCAM

( sorry Magic you were had )

but finally maybe there is

some Change ?

And his name is Max Siegel. He is about to become the highest ranking executive ever associated with NASCAR. Make that the ONLY African American ever in an executive position at NASCAR.

As the Journal reporter Adam Thompson writes …

” For all the success of the circuit, the occasional Confederate flag still pops up among the hundreds of thousands in crowds at U.S. auto-racing tracks, just as the occasional African American driver tries to penetrate the upper reaches of the sport — so far unsuccessfully. And as other sports have discovered, having athletes who are minority group members can be less important to effecting real change than making inroads into the ranks of management.”


the elusive key to Equality

throughout Sports

( ownership as well )

Max Siegel described as a gospel music executive will become the second highest executive at Dale Earnhardt, Inc. While Dale Earnhardt himself the Legend has left us for his Eternal Reward his name lives on with a racing company that remains among the top tier of NASCAR. Among a host of businesses the company owns and operates. Successfully.

Most of all the Dale Earnhardt name is Magic (not the other Magic) and an individual who is clearly African American now becoming very visible around the NASCAR hierarchy and Circuit is a major development if only because of anyone Black reaching this high. On the other hand while we want to Believe …..

……. at this stage it can prove just one more example of Tokenism unless Siegel’s hiring results in the CHANGE that has yet to take place at NASCAR. Are we now about to se the FIRST African American drivers racing for the Earnhardt team in major races. Are we going to see African Americans in the Earnhardt pit crew visible on TV. And in other executive positions.

And while Max Siegel is clearly African American and identifies himself a African American, Jewish Americans can just as much applaud his advancement as Max is the offspring of a Black mother and Jewish father. Nothing wrong with that except that the Cynic among us might say would he still have gotten this choice position if both of his parents were African. There is no reason to believe he would not is the unproveable answer for the Cynics.

Now here is more about Siegel right from the Journal

” Mr. Siegel, 41 years old, was born in Indianapolis to an African American mother and a white, Jewish father. He graduated from Notre Dame law school and later served as an agent for pro athletes Reggie White and Tony Gwynn, along with several gospel musicians.”

” And he nearly teamed up with Eddie DeBartolo, former owner of the National Football League‘s San Francisco 49ers, and ex-football players Mr. White and Ronnie Lott to buy a NASCAR team. Mr. White’s death two years ago derailed the deal as the contracts were being readied, Mr. DeBartolo says. Mr. Siegel comes to NASCAR from Zomba Label Group, a unit of Sony BMG, where he was a vice president as well as president of the gospel division. (He can boast 10 of the top 25 albums on the latest Billboard gospel chart.) ”

That from The Wall Street Journal

What exactly will be Max Siegel’s responsibilities

That come directly from the Earnhardt PR release …

“Max Siegel as President of Global Operations will oversee marketing, promotion, sales, sponsorship and distribution for all Dale Earnhardt, Inc. properties including the company’s top-rated motorsports teams, airlines, licensing and auto dealership, as well as the Dale Earnhardt Foundation. Siegel brings over 15 years of deal brokering and project management experience to the company established by Dale and Teresa Earnhardt in 1980.”

Not bad depending on what he does with it.

Now let’s hear from Mr. Siegel himself …

” In the back of my mind, I’m thinking being an African American in this sport is different. I was candid. I told the search firm beforehand that if that was an issue we had to get it on the table, because I didn’t want to waste their time or mine. It never came up in any of our conversations.”

And here is more from Max Siegel ..

” “I am honored by this opportunity, and though I have enjoyed great success in the music business, I am thrilled to join this dynamic organization. Dale Earnhardt is a company with strong core values and a legacy of excellence in sports and in business, and I look forward to winning more championships with them and working to further cement Dale Earnhardt, Inc. as the leader in the motorsports and entertainment industry.”

OK Max Siegel

OK Dale Earnhardt, Inc.


now it’s time to put UP

or shut UP AGAIN

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