BASN Classic BlackBox: Breaking News Black Coaches Association May Sue NCAA

Updated: December 11, 2007

A BASN Classic BlackBox Originally Published:February 3, 2007 BREAKING NEWS BLACK COACHES ASSOCIATION MAY SUE NCAA


On the cusp of SuperBowl 42

inspired by the Success of

Black Coaches in the NFL

( to a limited extent )

The Black Coaches Association

is talking TOUGH about

NCAA’s lack of progress

in the college ranks

As reported in USAToday Friday we may be approaching an historic lawsuit utilizing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 “which prohibits intentional employment discrimination and practices that have the effect of discriminating on the basis of race, religion, sex or national origin.”

If true it’s about time

Racism in hiring in college athletic departments in general and for coaching positions specifically is Blatant and as unwavering as ever. Colleges that receive massive financial aide of all sorts from government federal, state and local and which run their sports programs as not-for-profit organization avoiding all taxes while collecting millions from sponsors, fans and alumni.

To make the point among 119 NCAA Division I football teams there are 7 “minority” head coaches last season while among 32 NFL teams last season there were 7 Black head coaches. There are almost 4 times as many Division I teams and the same amount of Black coaches as in the NFL. And Division I is doing “better” (sic) than either Division II or Division III.

Even though the 2 Bushes and Reagan have packed the Federal Courts with individuals who have contempt for basic rights and the protection of law the Courts are the ONLY way the issue is likely to be addressed.

The NCAA and its Hypocrite President Myles Brand have made it abundantly clear they are going to do NOTHING. They scoff at the idea of instituting a rule like the Rooney Rule in the NFL which requires NFL team to at least interview “minority” candidates for coaching positions.

Here is NCAA President Myles Brand’s response to that idea “the NCAA shouldn’t infringe on institutional autonomy.” Basically the same answer the President of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis back in the 1860s would have said to a question about ending slavery in the South “we shouldn’t infringe on institutional autonomy.”

Institutional autonomy !

Now if we even need to tell you

The idea of the NCAA using a statement like “the NCAA shouldn’t infringe on institutional autonomy ” is a Joke. The NCAA rigidly controls virtually every other aspect of sports in NCAA colleges. It has voluminous rules and regulations and its own large enforcement gestapo that travels the country and knows no limits in investigating college students it contends have broken the “rules.”

Now finally in the face of the absolute intransigence of the NCAA and hundreds of colleges refusing to end discrimination in their athletic programs finally finally finally the Black Coaches Association is talking law suit.

Here is what BCA executive director Floyd Keith said this week about the situation at the NCAA “If presidents and athletic directors aren’t taking note of this, then we’ve got an even greater problem than we think we do.” Not exactly a statement to make the NCAA quake in their expensive boots but better than nothing.

And Keith did also utter the magic words LAW suit.

There appears to be a faint groundswell developing for a Federal law suit and we are adding our voices to it here at BASN.

If the Black Coaches Association can put together a high quality legal team there is some potential here despite the right wing college loving judiciary. Because the abuse of African Americans is so Blatant.

So as you watch SuperBowl 42

think about the Abysmal situation

and Racism rampant in the NCAA

unless something is done it will be

100 or more years if ever before

2 African American head coaches

face off in college football’s

Championship Game

think about it Sunday

and every day

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