Baseball, Steroids, Racism, Greed and Politics Don’t Mix

By BASN CEO Roland Rogers
Updated: December 16, 2007

NEW YORK, NY–Imagine the last few years. Once upon a time Doc Gooden and Darryl Strawberry were the poster players, incarcerated, ostracized from MLB for blatant drug use. Cocaine and Marijuana was the scourge of professional sports. It turned out to be the beginning of the end, the precursor to a spiritual catharsis that would reach far in the underbelly of moral ineptitude to purge a disease that’s endemic to the very fabric of all we hold sacred. The land of the free and home of the brave as we know it came crashing down around us threatening the sports consciousness of the nation like never before since patriot Betsy Ross sewed the first stripes on the American Flag.

Now with allegations of steroid use on front pages of every major paper, radio and television outlet and the release of former Sen.

Mitchell druggie report it shows a true reflection of a plague league-wide and how far our society has deteriorated, coming full circle, front and center.

The stage was set early on to vilify and convict scapegoat African American Barry Bonds and sweep the whole issue under Major League Baseball’s artificial turf. Now with Roger Clemens name surfaced, accused of knowingly being injected with performance enhancing drugs, baseball’s sin’s has now come 360 degree’s as the most disingenuous institution on the face of earth because the cancer has spread and now the whole league is infected.

From the early rumors circulated that Babe Ruth was indeed a black man, alcohol being the “drug” of choice back in the 20’s, Negro leaguers being denied entry to ball fields by ruthless, unscrupulous racist owner’s signaled the Great American pastime is truly past its prime. Whereas the target seemed to be mostly African American ball players as their ranks dwindled year after year in spite of the complaints to end no one within the league hierarchy lifted a finger assuming a moral victory based on racial exclusion was in sight.

It’s funny watching the vast white-wing media conspiracy squirm around trying to justify and defend the admission by Clemens personal trainer that he regularly injected the Rocket with fuel along with newly signed homeboy, Andy Petitte when their daily news headline mantra has been the extermination of black men and women athletes to insure the world of sports would see a new day devoid of color and be return to being lily white! Let them attempt to manipulate this!

Baseball’s finished as a legitimate sport. It has time and time again hidden behind its apple pie and Chevrolet public image and in this writer’s eye has become more insidious than the evil empire.

A former use car salesman disguised as a Commissioner opened Pandora’s box hoping to place a band-aid over a wound that required major surgery. Bud Selig and his cronies have become senile. A group of money grubbing hustlers who don’t know their collective asses from a hole in the ground and as part owner of a franchise chose to ignore and disrespect the historical handwritings on the wall for a unmitigated greed allowing his fellow co-conspirators, to become part of the problem not the solution, denying the black athlete the right to play on a level playing field and suffering the consequences instead destroyed the integrity of the game they deemed so wholesome.

Maybe we should invent an athletes 12-step program: Addicted Athletes or maybe this isn’t just about sports alone. Society seems more and more addicted to its old way of life. Pleasantville in the 21-century but only corruption today reins supreme. In neighborhoods, schools, the military, corporate America, even the church and politicians has gotten into the act.

Nothing sacred. What ever became of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

It was given to the pharmaceuticals company’s who paid the lobbyist who paid the lawmakers that sold us down the river.

Now we have steroids, Viagra, Levitra, crack, HGH, anything to take us out of ourselves. We live vicariously through our hero’s, the A-Rod’s Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Jay Z, and Beyonce.

We experience their joy, pain and revel in their success; but as soon after those feelings of particular moment wear off, we begin to fight through our euphoria and anger simultaneously and when that doesn’t work we stuff the feelings by eating 50 Big Mac’s, drink more booze or kill or maim someone to relieve the anxiety of the depression of being alone with ourselves.

It’s coming to a point where people are going to have to draw the line. Not based on race but on the quality of life, which continues to endanger our society and subsequently, future generations. It time to fight for a legacy of hope, of true caring for our fellow human beings, black, white yellow and red. Let the children be the recipient of this new world order. They didn’t ask to come here so why condemn them to a life of suffering because the white-wing media say’s hate everybody, anoint our celebrities as leaders, eat, drink, drug and be merry.

Leading should begin in the home. The leader within any household is the mother and father and the kind of education they will instill within will become the journey that will shape the foundation for the rest of his or her child’s life. We must abandon the belief that our current leaders will save us. Historically they have only saved themselves so far and the current state of confusion will not foster hope, only despair, compatible with self-aggrandizement, seeding the cultural fields for social contempt, which erode the building blocks needed to overcome the negative impulse that took centuries to construct. Over the last decade you can count the number of “leaders” who have contributed to our quality of life. Instead they’ve use their power and stature to deceived and manipulate all for the love of money.

We have to eliminate our total dependence on money and getting our information from a media that doesn’t’ respect our accomplishments. Say what? Looking at the list of all the players named in the investigation, only a few have been active players. All the others left the game due to injury, eroded skills or retired…but they ALL left with the money!

In my opinion the African Americans power structure are as equally guilty. Our leaders have sold us out; politicians, church clergy, social workers, thugs etc have all contributed to the destruction of a proud, compassionate people. Money has provided us with a false sense of security, and as a result our neighborhoods, businesses and the overall quality of life have suffered. People think the quality of life can be brought. The crab in the barrel theory is alive and well. We must recognize that every brother ain’t a brother, some brothers are mothers…

There are a number of wealthy black CEO’s who have made money for major corporations and has contributed nothing to inner-city redevelopment or education in tangible terms or consulting. Most of the money they earn is recycled into profits and perks for a job well done. We came over here in the 1700’s together. Now as we have been slowly integrated into society the old divide of conquer mantra reappears elevating and rewarding “smart” black men who did the masters bidding. In a lot ways education has been a curse because it taught us how to live in a society, which shunned our advances, relegated us to 2nd class status and used those barrier to continue suppress us economically, socially. This feeling of self-hatred has got to stop in order for inner-city communities to begin to develop the confidence to believe life just isn’t a burden to be overcomed.

Go to any church on Sunday in the hood. Coffers are overflowing dough with very small percentages being funneled back into community to rebuild a much-needed infrastructure. Must we have a church on every street corner in the ghetto? Why not a butcher, baker or even a candlestick maker? Why the only time we see a politician is when he needs our vote, only to be betrayed by them taking a kickback while holed up in a hotel with his mistress? Its time to call a spade a spade, no more pardons, only condemnation for the wrongs commitment against a community with no remorse.

Whether it’s the drug money, in a pill, a locker room juice with all kinds of enhancing producing substances, on the street or in the welfare office office the results are the same, the Armageddon of the soul is winning the war and the casualties will continue to mount until we look each in the eye and say enough, The Hatfield’s and McCoy’s are calling a truce and tell our “leaders” their rein of terror is over…

Baseball, Drugs, Racism, Greed and Politics don’t mix, so the last one out of cesspool please turn out the lights…