A Child Is Born

Updated: December 24, 2007



Why are Jesus Mary & Joseph

always depicted as White

that’s very easy because

those with the Power

decide what is Reality

From that perspective we can easily turn the story of Christmas and the Birth of Jesus into a Black Box Sports story. Yes we are so inventive. And right on Target. We can also work the What If theme. What if Jesus was born now in our time. Just as He did in Palestine over 2000 years ago He would acclimate himself to his surroundings to the culture of the day or He would never have become the Savior to those He reached. Today Jesus could not would not ignore Sports.

Yes it is a rather jarring juxtaposition

thinking of the Savior talking Sports

But it would make all the Sense in the World. Jesus spoke in Parables. Taking contemporary Life 2000 years ago and using Story Telling to deliver the most powerful messages his listeners had ever heard. Many became his Disciples as a result. And He was Vilified by the Powers of His Time.

That’s right if Jesus were Born today

he’d be preaching Sports specifically

using Sports to illustrate the Message

of Salvation He came to Deliver

The inequalities the discrimination the exclusion that still exists in American Sports and shows no evidence of disappearing would have been ready made for Jesus to speak and convert large audiences today and of course reap the anger the hatred of those who control Sports.

Here is an easy message to illustrate the point. It is ever so easy to see Jesus in shirt and jacket or more casually dressed appearing on college campuses across the country to condemn the exploitation of student-athletes and focusing his rage on the treatment of Black athletes those playing college football and basketball. Just as 2000 years ago the reason He would succeed where others had not was the unparalleled ability He had to draw audiences and make an impact through His Words.

Were Jesus here today condemning

the excesses and abuses in Sports

In the case of College Sports very powerful administrators in places like Yale and in rich schools across the land would be outraged by Jesus because He would be The One to finally make an impression on America. And it would not stop at the college campuses. It would reach right into the centers of government just as Fear of Him did 2000 years ago.

The Supreme Court which uses its power to make hypocritical decisions whenever cases involving Sports are before it would be incensed that Jesus was forcing their hand. Important Members of Congress very much part of the college culture that revolves around Sports on their Alma Mater would be condemning Jesus as a Radical. And whoever was in The White House would accuse Jesus of all kinds of fictitious acts. Would they try and label Him a Terrorist ??

The fact is we often call Sports

the 21st century religion and so

much about Sports is much

like Religion and its rituals

Indeed the more we explore the matter you can easily see a Contemporary Jesus making wide ranging use of Sports as the most productive vehicle for Him to gain attention and draw crowds and convert many to a New Way alien to the Status Quo and the Dead End it produces. There is an almost endless amount of material He could draw upon and with African Americans and their relationship to Sports in America His means to explore the wider issues of Change and Salvation.

Would Jesus preaching today be

Crucified for telling The Truth

and far worse being effective

NO He would not be Crucified

the Pilates of the 21st century

and those they represent

would find other means

to dispose of Jesus but

it didn’t work last time

why should it now

Merry Christmas

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