Yes Yes Yes De-Certify The Union Get Rid Of Upshaw

Updated: November 16, 2007






It is the Best Idea

Gene Upshaw ever had

Disband the Useless Players Union

( and send Upshaw packing )

Christmas in February

for Black NFL Players

if it could be True !

What is going on ??

Gene Upshaw is Threatening to “de-certify” the NFL Players Association as a union to counter a possible NFL owners plan to lock out the players if they don’t come to a new collective bargaining agreement.

Upshaw’s Threat

which may be Idle

Would be intended as a “strategic” move to leave the Owners with nobody to lock out and put each player into a one on one situation with the NFL team they play for and creating negotiation nightmares for the 32 teams.

If their agreements are

no longer Collective

Spelling out the parameters in which all player contracts must exist. It is probably not a real Threat for the very reason that it is greeted with such Excitement here in the Box. Since it could finally end the Reign ( more to the point the bad rain ) of Gene Upshaw’s never ending term as executive director of the union.

Where he lives

in the Back Pocket

of the Owners

A world without the NFL Players Association would open a Wondrous Pandora’s Box of Possibilities. There is NO reason why there must be ONE union representing ALL the players. The logic that normally makes sense is that one union gives traditional employees their strongest bargaining position with management with all for one and one for all type logic.

Except …

This is no normal union.

There are NO unions of multi-millionares except in pro sports. With the exception of stragglers the average NFL salary is clearly over $1 Million a year, and often much more. Without a collective bargaining agreement the only real practical difference is that each player’s agent and lawyer will have to work a little harder to insure their client player gets all the various same contract conditions included that other players get which they find attractive.

Or simply negotiate an all purpose

independent arbitration clause

for any disagreements.

Practically there will be players unions no matter what. If only that management and the players have become so accustomed to them. But there is NO reason all the players have to have ONE union.

Or if there “must” be ONE union because some brain dead judge in love with the NFL owners rules so. Well fine let the White players join the African American Players Association because they have 70% of the vote !

Here is the Point

As we argue again and again as recently as a few days ago the African American players are not well served by this all purpose one size fits all NFL Players Association even with a Black executive director in Gene Upshaw.

Because ..

Upshaw sees his job in addition to doing the Owners bidding, to operate a color “neutral” union. Issues that specifically relate to African Americans even though they make up 70% of the union membership are NOT negotiating items.

While if there was an African American Players Association and with a union leader with Some Backbone. There would be more than just pay and personal benefits on the Table. They would negotiate the abysmal lack of African American representation in every aspect of the NFL except on the Field.

And Glory Be

At that point even the Black players would admit they have power to Change things to their Benefit they have been pissing away for years because they are represented by an ineffectual union and a wreck of a union leader.

Imagine a new youthful Leader

for the Union

Someone who has vast experience in the NFL but was never intimidated by the Commissioner or the Owners. Someone with his own Legendary career who was not awed by all the razzle dazzle. Imagine someone like Barry Sanders.

Time to put Gene Upshaw

out to Pasture

where you can be sure

he will be very well taken care of

by the grateful Owners

for his years of Service

to Them.


Don’t delay Mr. Upshaw


De-certify the union

at Once !


By the way ….

While specifically Black issues may lead the agenda we propose, a savvy, up to date union and especially a sophisticated players’ union leader will seek a better deal as to the use by the teams of various players images, and income producing “products” related to the players themselves that all now go into the pockets of the League and the Owners.

The players are in a position to demand far more of a “partnership” with the Owners not some out dated labor agreement that does not address the realties of the NFL. There is even something to be said for a union demand that 10% of each team’s equity be placed in a special players fund owned and managed by them, and with representation on each team’s Board !