Yanks Bullpen Woes Continues

By Francis Walker
Updated: November 16, 2007

New York Yankees Logo NEW YORK, NY. — Andy Pettite has just allowed three runs, including a complete game one-hitter in his last two starts. Roger Clemens, in his last start on Sunday, carried a 4-1 lead into the sixth inning against the Seattle Mariners, but the Yankees surprisingly lost 8-6. Starting pitchers Pettite, Clemens, David Wells, Mike Mussina, and even a shaky Jeff Weaver have given the Yankees a solid chances to win games. The problem, however, is the Yankees bullpen. They’re simple not doing their job.

The New York Yankees have one of the ailing bullpens in all of baseball. Blown leads, inconsistent pitching, and poor relief was clearly evident inn their recent debacle. The Yankee relievers could not help Wells or the Yankee bats, as the Kansas City Royals hit 11 doubles to out slug the Yankees 12-9 on Monday.

With the Yanks ahead 6-5 after squandering an early 5-1 third inning lead, relief pitcher Sterling Hitchcock allowed 3 runs on three hits in the bottom of the sixth including an RBI double to left field by Aaron Guiel (1 for 3, 2 runs, 2 RBIs) as the Royals lead 8-6.

Mike Sweeney and Mike DiFelice each had three RBI’s and combined for 3 runs scored and five hits for the Royals.

With the score 8-7, the Royals buried the Yanks with four insurance runs in the bottom of the eighth, as Chris Hammond, Jessie Orosco, and Brent Prinz were also tagged for four runs on four hits in that inning.

Although Wells, who started for the Yankees lasted only three innings allowing 5 runs and 6 hits, Hideki Matsui and Jason Giambi both homered and drove in 5 runs combined. Bernie Williams also had two RBI’s and scored two runs. Derek Jeter, also scored three runs, as the Yankees scored more than enough runs to defeat the Royals. But once again, their relief pitching was nowhere to be found.

During the month of August, the Yankees have lost six of their last 10 games. The Yanks bullpen are a dismal 1-5, allowing 19 earned runs on 30 hits in just 23.2 innings of pitching for a 7.23 ERA. During that span, closing pitcher Mariano Rivera has blown three of his last six save opportunities allowing 3 runs and 7 hits during his last 5.2 innings of pitching, 2.52 ERA.

Despite such dreadful performance by the Yankees pitching staff, they remain ahead of the Boston Red Sox in the A. L. East division.

The Red Sox, who lost 4-0 to the Oakland Athletics, are tied with the A’s for first place in the A. L. Wild Card race.