Willis & Soriano In Same Boat

Updated: November 16, 2007




Our first Baseball Box

of the Year

Sports wait for no one

And what a Choice

2 of the very best MLB players of Color. And both beginning the year by being forced to Arbitration to try and get paid what the Deserve. Especially Dontrelle Willis. Definitely the most exciting pitcher in Baseball and at 24 probably the Best. Guess how much the Marlins paid him last season ?

All of

$ 378, 500

They probably pay their head grounds keeper more. Florida definitely pays almost every other player on the Team more. Even after Dontrelle’s first 3 outstanding seasons and his first taking them to a World Championship and THE winningest pitcher in Baseball last season they forced him accept to the BS contract he originally signed. With no adequate increase for next season !

Well the Marlins

are about to Lose Big

Not because an Arbitrator will award Willis a $3Million or $4Million salary for 2006. But because this is the last season on Dontrelle’s contract and there is NO chance he will sign with them again. He’s not Stupid.

It’s pay back Time

More so the Better Willis does in 2006. If Willis can rack up another 20 Win Season which should be a No Brainer. The Bidding War for him will become Astronomical. Willis may well become …

The $100 Million Man

A 5 year deal guaranteeing him $20Million a season. Why. Because for teams that believe he can and will win 20 games a season consistently over 5 years maybe more as he gets even Better and will still be only 30 at the end of 5 seasons. $1Million a Win is worth the Cost.

The only teams that will offer him that kind of Money are the Perennial Pennant Contenders. Or the 5+ teams with the Biggest Payrolls. Where a consistent 20 Game Winner should guarantee them the Playoffs with all the Heavy Metal they already possess. Here’s another interesting Point about Willis ..

He will be even that much more appealing to NL teams because he may already be the Best Batting Pitcher in Baseball. Not having to take Dontrelle out for a Pinch Hitter can be Invaluable. Very likely the Mets, Dodgers and Braves will get in a Bidding War. But others may step up to the Plate. Maybe even some of the Losers out there desperate for a Gate Attraction.

Then there is the American League

Is there any great player who Steinbrenner and the Yankees will pass on. NO. Also no doubt the Red Sox will find Willis attractive. But don’t count out the White Sox now that they’ve been to the Mountain. And there are others. Some AL teams may even factor in Willis as a Pinch Hitter !

The Point is …..

If Willis has a Great Season, even wins the Cy Young Award as he should have in 2005. Dontrelle Willis stands to become the highest paid Pitcher in Baseball History, and we may witness unprecedented interest in signing him. Don’t be surprised in a best case scenario he gets more than $100Million.

Then there is Alfonso Soriano

As most of you have long forgotten or never knew Soriano was Screwed by Steinbrenner and the Yankees the very same way that Willis is. Soriano played an essential role in the Yankees World Series successes his first few seasons but even after hitting 40 Home Runs and stealing 40 bases the Yankees the largest payroll of any team in sports were paying Soriano $375,000 since they had locked him into a Sucker Deal just like Willis is.

Soriano is making much more now. The last 2 seasons with the Texas Rangers. Still based on his super star performance and the norm for players with his Stats he is under paid at $7.5Million. And having been traded from the Rangers in the AL to the Nationals in the NL Soriano has filed for Salary Arbitration. And he is likewise guaranteed to be awarded more.

Also just like Willis

Soriano is in the last year of his current contract which Washington bought and like Willis he will be a Free Agent for 2007 and also like Dontrelle entering his peak years and he too will unleash a bidding war. As will be the case with Willis and all players who well he does this season in particular with a new contract looming will set the standard for a New Contract.

( The Stupid Washington Nationals wants to move ALL STAR Second Baseman Alfonso Soriano to another position in the Outfield in addition to forcing him to Salary Arbitration. Too bad that’s not an Arbitration issue )

Soriano is more than capable of 50+ Home Run seasons. Especially if he finally gets the Strike Off Monkey off his back. If he does Soriano can rake up 50 HRs,. .300+ average, 100+ RBIs, and 50 or more Stolen Bases in 2006.

If he does let the Bidding War begin. He has been chosen the All Star Second Baseman 2 years in a row and in 2004 was the top vote getter of all players. As an every day player in his very early 30s, $20Million a season will definitely be in his Sights, a $100Million multi-season package.

We could be looking at

the 2 most sought after


MLB Players for

2007 and Beyond

Both of Them Becoming

$100Million Men

as they sail into the Future


( follow both closely this next season )


There is one Nightmare Scenario here.

Steinbrenner grabs them Both.

Hope he’s too Senile

to do so.