White Americans Disappearing From Pro Basketball

Updated: November 16, 2007






is a Great Word

Maybe we can find some Common Empathy in the fact that Black Americans are Disappearing from Baseball and White Americans from Basketball. And each at the Expense of a worthy rising Force in Each. In Baseball Latinos. In Basketball Europeans ( next Chinese ).

The situation in Major League Baseball is well Documented but here are the latest figures in the National Basketball Association for the 2005-2006 season. With White Americans on NBA team rosters at a record low. More than that it is a Trend with Momentum pushing it on.

This season there are only 48 ‘pure’ white Americans playing in the NBA as reported in the Denver Post on Sunday. Down from a still low 60 white players 5 seasons ago. The math is simple the 30 NBA teams average LESS than 2 white players a team. Comparable to the situation for African Americans in Major League Baseball currently. Baseball rosters are twice as large.

Another instructive parallel. This season there is one NBA team without any White Players on their Roster. The Denver Nuggets. Just as this past Baseball Season the Houston Astros were “distinguished” (sic) for not having a single African American on theirs. How about this Denver is First in their Division with a shot at the NBA Championship just as the Astros made it to the World Series.

With 420 roster players on the 30 NBA teams just over 10% of the players this season are White Americans, again very similar to the percentage of African Americans in Major League Baseball today.

The surge of outstanding Latino players and their rapidly rising numbers in Baseball over the last 10 years has been in tandem wit shrinking number of African American players as the tremendous rise of Basketball in Europe has resulted in as dramatic and unprecedented rise in Europeans in the NBA.

Some will see a fascinating Convergence here that binds these 2 Trends together even more closely. That it is the increasing interest in Basketball among African Americans that has both led to their disappearance from Baseball, and that Trend has equally been responsible for White Americans disappearing from Basketball. Far more of a factor than Europeans entering the NBA. Especially since white kids in the USA have not abandoned Basketball as Black kids have Baseball.

It’s a matter of Perspective

and Opinion

how you weight

these Different Factors.

Regardless the Facts remain. Unless something is done to reverse these 2 Trends you can argue there will be virtually NO African Americans in Major League Baseball in 10 years and NO White Americans in the NBA.

What is the Answer

( for those who care of course )

There isn’t a Single Answer.

That may be the most interesting and revealing issue in this subject. It is beyond Argument that if the kind of Resources were directed toward young African American boys that is directed to young Latino boys in various Caribbean and Central American countries that African Americans would over the next decade reassert themselves in Baseball, and with such Resources it is easy to predict 20%-25% of MLB Players by 2015 could be African American.

While without Action

there may be none


Now this entire Subject

gets more Illustrative of

Reality in America

Baseball, its Commissioner and owners, and equally their advertisers have no incentive in making Baseball more Black. That is NOT where the money is. So Baseball and Commissioner Bud Selig will continue to give Lip Service to wanting more Black Americans in Baseball and he will haul out Jackie Robinson’s corpse hypocritically each April to “prove” how much Baseball loves Blacks.

Now contrast this Situation

with the NBA


in the NBA

In fact while never ever admitting it – even under pain of Death – Commissioner Stern and the NBA owners would Jump for Joy if there was some way they could decrease the number of African Americans in the NBA by 30% and increase the number of White Americans by 30%.


There is no lack of interest in playing Basketball among white boys. It is simply a lot more Black kids play quality Basketball than their White Brothers. And even if the NBA could come up with an expensive plan to create special training facilities ONLY for white kids of course they could never get away with it.

Here is where it All

gets Insidious

The NBA can easily live with lots of White Europeans entering the NBA. As an Alternative. Because they might not be White Americans but they are White, and anyway after a few years in the USA and living in their Florida or California mansions who can notice any Difference. They all become Americanized.

And here is the Rub

for African Americans

The NBA can and is greatly promoting Basketball in Western and Eastern Europe without any of the Fears or Insurmountable Problems it would have if it showed the same extra attention to White Kids here in the USA.

So here is the Point ….

We are going to see, we are seeing a resurgence of White Players in the NBA. It’s just that they are White Europeans. And one or two Chinese. 10 years ago there were 26 “international” players in the NBA. This season there are 82. As interest in Basketball grows and grows outside the U.S. on the European land mass.

So that ….

Just as it is “reasonable” to predict that in 10-15 years there may be few if any African Americans in Major League Baseball, within those same 10-15 years it is plausible to predict the number of White Players in the NBA may be approaching even reaching 50% again. A figure unseen in the NBA for a very long time. This time they will be White Europeans not White Americans.

Knocking African Americans out of the Game.

The result will be

African Americans

within 10 years

may not only have Disappeared

from Baseball but Beginning

to Disappear from Basketball

as Well.

Call it Ironic Injustice.