Tune In Sunday Worst Game Of Season

Updated: November 30, 2007



Sunday a couple of

stiff White NFL


will try

To keep a STRAIGHT face and make an historically small audience BELIEVE that the New Jersey Jets and Miami Dolphins are really playing professional football. RIGHT. How about substituting Britney Spears and Paris Hilton to call the game.

It would keep pace with

the COMEDY of the

“action” ( ha ha )

on the Field

Maybe we need a new Paradigm ( in case you haven’t heard that over used word often enough ) for Sports in America. How about all the Leagues developing a new format. The WORST teams any season have to really pay the price. CANCELING the final games of their pathetic seasons. Football would be better off – even if you never thought in these terms – IF the NFL ordered the New Jersey Jets and the Miami Dolphins to FORFEIT their remaining games AND GO HOME. And hide.

Where is the logic in decent teams having to waste their time beating either of the two WORST teams in NFL Football. Worse good players on the other teams risking injury. For what. How about their fans. Don’t they deserve a REFUND rather than being forced to watch their team “play” New Jersey or Miami. Or simply have to waste their expensive seats staying home rather than be BORED to Death.

Wait a second

breaking news

There is a rumor the Jets will pay individuals to come to Giants Stadium. Yes let’s never forget the Jets play their home games in Giants Stadium. Anyway the rumor is you can make some money agreeing to sit through at least the first half of he remaining two Jets home games. Call Chad Pennington for details and to sign up.

now we will return to

our regularly scheduled Box

Decidedly a high price to pay

DEATH by Boredom watching

the Jets or the Dolphins “play”

Even more the Jersey Jets and Miami Dolphins fans. They deserve the refunds most of all . In fact even without a Paradigm change a good lawyer could go into Court right now in New Jersey or Florida and make the case these fans have been sold a DEFECTIVE produce and must have their money refunded.

Here is our point …..

The only reason we are WASTING a Box on these losers is to get to the real ax we have to grind. The fact that intellectually challenged Jets owner Woody Johnson – who got his name because you get splinters touching his brain – and even the more challenged head coach Eric Mangini REFUSE to give Quarterback Brad Smith the opportunity to prove himself despite the Jets record.

And that both Chad Pennington and Kellen Clemens are completely Clueless. Clemens was so desperate last Thursday on Thanksgiving against Dallas in the 34-3 slaughter he actually tried to throw a pass with his “other” hand.

Maybe not such a bad idea since he did so poorly throwing with his right hand. Getting back to our earlier point the Cowboys should have been able to spend the day with their families on Thanksgiving and the fans back home as well. What was the point. The Jets season should have been ended by order of the NFL. Their players sent home likewise for Thanksgiving. Turkey perfect Jets food. And the Cowboys fans given a refund.

Maybe all this is starting to sound

less radial to you than at first


our smarter readers

Sorry almost forgot.

Another “good” reason for today’s Box. One of our favorite subjects Ricky Williams. Who does or does not play for the Miami Dolphins. Ricky who actually got to play last Sunday after he ran out of marijuana and as a result finally passed his Urine Test promptly got injured and who knows when or if he will play again after his “personal” physician recommended he smoke two Joints each day to “speed” recovery from his injury. Ricky would have been better off if Miami had been forced to CANCEL its games.

So that’s the Story

Jets and Dolphins

PLEASE go home

leave football to

REAL teams but

since they won’t

if you don’t have

any life at all

absolutely none

you can watch

Jets vs Dolphins

Sunday and pray

Eric Mangini

wakes up and

finally let’s Brad Smith


get to see a Miracle

on Sunday afternoon

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