Torino Torino Torino Olympics

Updated: November 16, 2007




Why would anyone refuse to

call a City by its Real Name

Why would anyone refuse

to treat African Americans


Same answer


That against African Americans may be far more Virulent but insulting 1) Torino residents, 2) the International Olympic Committee, and 3) all Italians and Italian Americans is based on the very same “principle.”

Belittling Others and

Marginalizing them

Show that you have more POWER than the “other” by taking actions that insult and degrade the “other.” That is a good enough reason NO African American should fall into the Trap of the Bigoted part of the White Media led by the likes of Associated Press, New York Times and quite a few others.

Who are all refusing to call


by its real name

Who are refusing to call

this Winter Olympics by

its real name


It is rock solid fact that any City that is chosen to host an Olympics has the right to be called by its legitimate name and that name made part of the Official Logo and used in ALL official communications.

NBC far and away the most significant part of the Media at the TORINO Olympics refers to TORINO in every reference to the Winter Olympics it makes in every form beginning with its own Olympic logo.

Further since TORINO was awarded the 2006 Winter Olympics Italian officials in general and TORINO officials most of al have been involved in a non-stop effort to ask even beg the Media to call it’s city by its REAL name not some made up bastardization some Englishman well over a century ago decided to give in reference to some Shroud he said he had found.

Why has that insulting “name”

continued to be used

Because it is sanitized anglicized form has been stripped of its ethnic identity. Indeed foreigners “changing” another country’s cities name is just another form of cultural and racial Imperialism that taken to its “logical” conclusion resulted in the worst Imperialism of all Enslaving Africans.

In the case of TORINO who cares what those pathetic Italians named their city. We PROTESTANT NORTHERN EUROPEANS at Associated Press prefer to call their city Turin. We at The New York Times prefer to call their city Turin because WE want to and there is nothing THEY can do to stop us.

Those ‘pathetic’ Italians

inferior to US

we’ll call them

whatever we choose

All this is part of the same “superiority” mentality that has just THREE African Americans of 211 athletes at the TORINO Olympics on Team USA. Down from FOUR African Americans at the 2002 Winter Olympics.

So as you either do or don’t watch the 2006 TORINO Olympics

and watch and read the news reports from TORINO

it will be only too easy to identify

the BIGOTS in the Media

those who insist on

insulting Italians

and all people of Good Will

by using the bastardized

version of TORINO‘s name

just as Bigots refer to African Americans

by “other” names.


Why will The New York Times or anyone else in the American media NEVER refer to the 2008 Simmer Olympics as the PEKING Olympics even though PEKING was always the anglicized name of BEIJING for hundreds of years and even though the current Chinese regime is one of the most repressive regimes on Earth. WHY. Because the Chinese have too much POWER so insulting them is a BIG problem for the U.S. media giants.