Time For The Gray-ing Of Washington DC

Updated: November 16, 2007






They were the Best of the Best

by almost any Standard

The Washington Grays

of 1940s Fame

Led by the Greatest Baseball Player of them all. Josh Gibson and a long long list of Black All Stars. During the 1940s playing in Washington, DC, they were generally acknowledged the Best Team in Baseball. The Best Team Ever. Champions of the Negro League year after year. In truth the Real World Champs.

There is little doubt had the Grays of the 1940s been allowed to play in Major League Baseball they would have crushed every team in MLB and the Grays would have Reigned Supreme. Except for Racism of course.

When the Expos moved to DC there was some real if fleeting hope the new Washington DC MLB franchise would be named the Grays especially when it became generally agreed naming them the Senators made no sense.

That only raised Fear in the minds of

the Bigots

They could not abide the DC team being named for an African American team of Legend. And of course the “marketing guys” masking their Bigotry argued for the Nationals because it would have “more appeal.” Meaning as though we have to tell you their warped view a BLACK name for the Team would not be greeted warmly by the WHITES they aimed to Please.

And of course with NO real Leadership in DC

NO Black Leadership that is

GRAYS were pushed aside

in favor of NATIONALS

The Irony of Ironies ( what else is new ) is that the actual name of the MLB DC franchise throughout the first half of the 20th century was the Nationals the SEGREGATED NATIONALS who never ever even came close to allowing an African American to play for them AND owned by a recognized Segregationist Clark Griffith who …..

took Black Folks money

with the Grays playing

in his DC stadium

but never ever allowing The Great Josh Gibson or Buck Leonard or all these the other famous talented Black players never ever play for his Nationals. But still the name Nationals which symbolized Segregated Baseball in America more than any other MLB team became the name of the “new” DC franchise in 2005.

Now that would be

The End of the Story

except that

Back in 2002 a Cincinnati based company Bygone Sports applied to Trademark the name “Washington Nationals” for their own use and last week finally they were granted their Trademark by the U.S. government.

Which means while the MLB team can legally still be called the Nationals they cannot market any merchandise under that name unless Bygone Sports allows them a “license” to do so. MLB Baseball is challenging Bygone in Court by most savvy Court observers expect MLB to lose.

MLB execs have said if they do not “own” the name and cannot make Millions$$ selling Nationals merchandise they will change the name of the Team. The even bigger problem is that the 2006 season is only weeks away.

While MLB may come to an agreement with Bygone they may not ! Which means the MLB DC team may take the Field on Opening Day with a NEW name.

At this point there are only TWO serious contenders

the highly discredited Senators or the GRAYS.

Now we’re Cynical of course

we have to Be in this World

The Odds are against the Grays no matter what with a DC Mayor Anthony Williams “bought and paid for” by the White Establishment in DC and Major League Baseball and with a Chair of the City DC Council who had her Backbone surgically removed if she ever had one but still ….

Let’s all Pray

to the Good Lord Above

The Washington Grays

may be Alive !!

Wouldn’t that be

Something !!


On BASN’s Front Page down the center column you will find a pull down menu for various Special Reports one of them is about the Grays and the naming of the DC franchise from late 2004 – early 2005.

Well worth reading now

for all the Details.