Tick Tock The Downfall Of Vijay Singh

Updated: November 16, 2007




For a Time

Vijay Singh

was the Best Black Golfer

The Best Golfer on Earth


Tiger Woods

Now it seems like Tiger Woods worries are Over, as far as Vijay Singh goes. He still maybe making plenty of Dough on the PGA Tour. Vijay is even still #2 in the World but fading fast after surpassing Woods for #1 for a While.

What had been Vijay’s Singh

most impressive Asset

peaking in his 40s

may now be his Downfall

No one in Golf’s history had ever done as well as Singh did these last few years at so “advanced” an age his late 30s then early 40s when quite a few others in the same age range Turn to the Senior Tour.

While Vijay Soared

playing the likes of

Tiger Woods

In the Box we sang his Praises over and over. Vijay being a very good counter-point to the tightly self-possessed even insufferable Tiger Woods. For 2 years as Vijay drew closer and closer to Woods and then surpassed him there was Hope in seeing that there was another Great Black Golfer on the Scene.

Vijay Singh became

the first Golfer in history

to reach $10million in Winnings

in one year

Then what appeared to be inconsequential last Fall, Vijay injured himself at home having some fun with his son playing a tame game of Ping Pong. Vijay has not been the same since. And he has had any number of embarrassing performances since including just last week. Not embarrassing at all if you are simply a journeyman PGA Tour player. Not when you have been the Best.

While it may be a temporary lull

the proverbial Slump

all athletes

everyone experiences

At 42 it may not be that simple. Even with all the Training, and all the mental toughness, and the vitamins and careful diet, hurting yourself playing Ping Pong with your son at 24 can be very different than doing the same at 42 if you make your living as a Champion Athlete.

Now what will be most interesting in watching Vijay Singh compete in the coming months and as we approach the Masters in April is will he Come Back to where he was just a year ago having taken the Crown from Tiger to be #1.

Is there any doubt just as we are writing about, as you are reading at this very moment the same thoughts are going through Singh’s mind as well as all his fellow players on the Tour. Maybe Tiger Woods most of fall.

Maybe Tiger should not take

too much comfort in

Vijay’s possible Fall

Tiger just reached 30 an enjoyable enviable age for a golfer or any of us. But still Tiger isn’t 20 any more and it seems like only yesterday that he was. Just as those 10 years flew so will the next 10. We might not want to face it either but Tiger will be 40 before you know it and it will seem like only yesterday he was 30.

When Tiger Woods is 40 and a Zillionaire still when he gets injured then and with lots of new 20 something and 30 something Hot Shots on the Tour Tiger Woods will experience the very same doubts Vijay Singh is now.

With all his Money

it is still worth reminding

Our Selves

Tiger cannot stop Time

any more than Anyone Else.

As for Vijay Singh

10 years from now there is no Doubt

he will be Playing the Senior Tour



so ends another Box



Vijay and Tiger enjoy

all the Moments

along with the rest of us

while they Last

Win or Lose