These Shoes Are Made For Walking

Updated: November 13, 2007



Or are they made for

TURMOIL let’s investigate

First of all do you think

it’s FUN playing for the Knicks

of course it’s not it’s a Chore

the Comedy Team of

Dolan & Thomas

is not easy on the Sole

( forget about the Soul )

yes even IF they’re

really Marbury’s


The Knicks pound for pound, year to year to years, dollar for dollar have to be called the WORST team in the NBA especially if you include the fact they are playing in the Number One media market in the nation if not the World and haven’t won an NBA Championship since the beginning of Time ….

or does it just seem that long

add to that the Number One

Born Rich Idiot in All of Sports

Jimmy I Know Nothing Dolan

and Fire Proof Isiah Thomas

who won’t get shown the

Door it appears even if

he burns down the

Garden or has he

already done it

Sorry Stephon this Box is about you but you’re not easy to find right now as you know. You aren’t in Phoenix. You may have landed in New York City Tuesday afternoon but that might just be a Decoy. What is known is that Marbury has not been burning up the Hardwood this early season as the Knicks begin with a blazing 2-3 record and Hopes for 2007-8 fading fast.

We also know Marbury is averaging 15.2 points and 6.8 assists in those first 5 games and will not add to them with his NO Show in Phoenix Tuesday night. We also know that Marbury expects to be paid a rather HANDSOME sum of $42 Million for playing B-ball for the Knicks this season and next.

Yes the Knicks can trade him. Anyone want his $42 Million contract and erratic if not poor play. Yes the Knicks could buy out his contract and we know Jimmy Dolan has no problem spending money for Isiah, for players, for law suits, why not to get Marbury to walk away to keep Isiah happy just as Dolan gave Marbury a lush contract to get him to make Isiah happy.

Sorry Stephon again we forgot this Box is about you not Thomas or Dolan. You deserve better for bringing us all $14.98 Starburys and exposing those $200 AirJordans for what they are very very over-priced sneakers.

Maybe that is where your future lies not as an NBA Point Guard but rather as the Voice of Truth in Sports. Beyond Sports. Maybe you have lost your passion for getting out there on the Court two or three times a week for 6 or 7 months of the year. For an hour or so. Even for $20Million+ a year.

How about Starbury houses. Starbury cars. Starbury refrigerators. And so much more. Starbury airline. Starbury cable tv. All priced at what they deserve to be and still making a profit. Rather than all of us constantly being gored by greedy marketers African Americans most of all.

Maybe we’re ready for Starbury nation

and yes even Starbury basketball

where it won’t cost $1000+

sit courtside at the Knicks

especially if they don’t

have to pay you

$42 Million

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