Thank God Rice Says No ThankYou Could You Imagine

Updated: November 16, 2007





It would never ever have happened

but just imagine

Condoleezza Rice as NFL Commissioner

From our perspective were that really to happen the NFL would get far more than just Condi in the Bargain. Along with here in effect would come the entire Republican “leadership” Team beginning with the Top Gun W Himself but also along for the ride Sharp Shooter Dick Cheney, Bad Boy Don Rumsfeld, Guru Karl Rove heck the entire Crew.

It would be comparable to the concept that when you get married your mary your beloved’s entire Family. Yes it would be every bit as Scary with Condi Rice as NFL Commissioner. Let’s begin with the Obvious.

First things first. She’d begin by taking care of the NFL base. Hold on real tight to those precious season tickets for your favorite NFL team. Condi may be forced to declare them null & void in order to satisfy all those Inner Circle Republican contributors who are reeling over the fact …..

President Bush is now telling them he was just kidding Texas style when he told them he would eliminate ALL income tax for Americans making over $1,000,00 a year because as the President said ” you good Americans are already doing more than enough for your country making our economy stronger by spending big.” And adding that Americans need to appreciate ” how much you all get soaked with sales taxes every time you buy a new yacht or jet.”

Then there is VP Dick Cheney

As NFL Commissioner Rice could help Dick enrich his cronies at Bechtel even more than he has so far by writing them checks for billions to “reconstruct” (sic) Iraq. Condi could strong arm the current NFL owners to sell their teams to Bechtel at a “special” price or if they cooperate give them the option of simply demolishing their “old” stadiums and build brand new ones with Bechtel getting the no bid contracts both for demolition and “reconstruction.”

In return

Dick Cheney could agree to put on Half Time shows at all NFL games featuring him featuring the VP pheasant hunting at mid field with a group of Republican friends and shooting one by “mistake” to amuse the crowd.

And then there is Don Rumsfeld

Working closely with Commissioner Rice he could threaten to recruit any rebellious NFL players like Terrell Owens in the interest of national security and send their Asses to Iraq to fight the “insurgents.” That should keep the players in line. In addition Rumsfeld could serve as Spokesman for the Commissioner and convince the media of any ridiculous idea that NFL might promote.

The point here is ….

If only Condi would say YES she wants the Job the NFL would get something they wouldn’t from any other Commissioner. She’d be able to bring her entire Republican “team” with her. All those great Bush Administration figures and W Himself who have served our nation so well these last 6 years.

Now they could do the same for the NFL

and football fans across the nation.

There may be a Solution here. A way to get Rice to change her mind and say YES she does want to be NFL Commissioner. It is a Box exclusive. Why can’t Condi both be Secretary of State AND NFL Commissioner ?

No reason at all

With both jobs being so similar and as President Bush told the nation Tuesday at his press conference he is “winning” the so called war in Iraq. He’s got a plan and everything is under control. So Secretary Rice should have plenty of free time the last 2 years of the Bush Administration.

Further since the Bush Administration has no concern for the ever lower opinion of the United States government around the world, Rice need not waste a lot of time flying from country to country improving the U.S image around the Globe. That is time she rather can spend at NFL headquarters in New York.

The only Problem we foresee

the 32 White NFL owners

are as likely to choose

Condi for Commissioner

as the Republican Party

naming Condi Rice

their candidate for President

in 2008.

Condi you are Right

( get it )

Condi keep your day job.