Suprise Not Really MLB Baseball Just As Bad As NFL Football

Updated: November 16, 2007





This shouldn’t Surprise


except that it may

Somehow even as African Americans disappear from Baseball Diamonds, Baseball has not gotten as Bad a Rap for its lack of African Americans as General Managers and Field Managers. While all those who care are constantly banging away at the NFL and its Dismal Record.

8 of 9 new Head Coaches being White …

Baseball’s equally Dismal Record has been flying below the Radar. Well our radar reaches real Low Down in the Depths where the Bigots troll, and to give credit where it is due some recent investigative work by The New York Times Murray Chass exposes the Truth. We don’t need to re-invent or better re-search this Cracked Wheel. We will rather refer “liberally” to Mr. Chass.

Here are the Recent Facts ….

To begin with there are only 2 “minority” General Managers among the 30 MLB teams and only one of them is African American. Guess what he is the most successful GM in Baseball today the Chicago White Sox’ Kenny Williams.

Of the last 28 General Managers hired since Kenny Williams in 2000 NONE have been African American. Let’s say that again. 28 of 28 General Mangers hired since 2000 NONE have been African American. Yes one is Latino !

Moving on to Field Managers

This now ending Off Season MLB teams hired 5 new Managers ALL of them White. 3 more Managers hired during the 2005 season ALL of them White. While 8 of the 9 last Head Coaches hired by NFL teams are White. 8 of 8 Managers hired by MLB teams are White. A slightly worse record.

Bottom Line ….

For ALL practical purposes there is NO Diversity within Management in Major League Baseball. While the Bigots will contend the reason there are so few Black players is that African American kids aren’t interested in becoming Millionaire Baseball Players, even the Bigots can’t come up with a comparable “rationale” for the lack of African Americans off the Field in Baseball.

Of course they always have

The Bigots Self-Fulfilling


Since MLB owners hire so few African Americans as Minor League Managers and as assistants to General Managers SURPRISE SURPRISE they then contend when they go looking for Black “talent” to their great disappointment they “simply can’t find” any experienced African Americans to promote or hire !

We’re certain they are “greatly” Disappointed

And why they do Nothing about It

And Round and Round

and Round we go

And where we land

the Bigots know.