Stern Mocks Black Athletes All African Americans Why Expect Better

Updated: November 16, 2007




That’s right

we’re doing exactly what

howard stern wants

giving him more attention

And that type of criticism is like saying everyone gave too much attention to Adolph Hitler. True Hitler was an Evil Madman while howard stern isn’t in that league. He’s simply an Asshole. Granted a Big One.

It’s interesting we can’t bring you an actual photo of stern raising his fist with black glove in the style of Tommie Smith and John Carlos during the 1968 Olympics . Because all those photos have “mysteriously” disappeared from the Internet just as surely as prominently as stern made that gesture in announcing and promoting his move to satellite radio very publicly in recent weeks.

Taking a powerful meaningful symbol of African American determination and resolve uniting sports and the real world despite the criticism it would bring them throughout the United States as it did …..

and turning that singular image

that has become historic

Into a crude marketing tool to promote a fowl mouthed moron and the stupid ( or not so stupid ) company trying to make money for itself by marketing stern to the lowest strata of American society, and displaying no sensitivity in doing so should not be ignored or in effect approved by a lack of Criticism.

We strongly suspect the reason the photos of stern with his “black glove salute” have disappeared is even a gutter dweller like howard stern or his handlers anyway are quite aware they’ve gone over the line, and while they have not abandoned the “logo” yet, the actual image of howard stern mocking Black America for his own profit was too much even for him and Sirius Radio.

We suspect we’ll see the entire Black Fist representation “quietly” disappear from every aspect of the so called howard stern show rather quickly but the damage and the mockery cannot be undone.

We are all left to contemplate the state of our society when Capitalism reaches the point ( yes it’s not a new phenomena ) that paying a Bozo like howard stern $500 million is considered a brilliant idea and worse still to the extent that it works.

In Reality we suspect nothing is going to stop the unsustainable and huge losses Sirius and the other big satellite radio provider are hemorrhaging Quarter after Quarter because they are built on a business model that makes no sense especially in the age of the Internet. Sending satellites into space and drawing audiences to pay hefty monthly fees by offering an endless number of radio formats each expensive to maintain but most that only attract minuscule audiences.

And get this now beginning to run ads on some show. Contradicting the very appeal satellite radio has been using trying to build its audience.

When increasingly you will find any audio or video content you want streaming on the Internet much of it for no cost at all as you already can to a growing extent. Satellite radio has the same developing problem but without the years of success behind it that is scaring the cable industry out of its pants. Finally the full “convergence” of media content and the Internet.

( as an aside you are not going to find better classical music than you do for FREE on KING-FM in Seattle by listening to the station by going to )

It would certainly be Justice if

the massive contract for

pathetic howard stern

from Sirius Radio

becomes the ill wind that

finally crashes this

house of Cards.



no more emails and calls about

our “mistake” yesterday

We know the name is the Houston Texans. We used their old name the Houston Oilers to make a creative point with Tuesday’s Box. Houston is still all about OIL and another name won’t change that fact. Besides half of you didn’t even realize they are no longer the Houston Oilers after all these years the name is so ingrained on our sports psyche.

Most of all Houston TEXANS is the DUMBEST name for any team in sports.

It makes NO sense. If there was any logic to it we would also have the San Francisco Californians, the Atlanta Georgians, the Denver Coloradians, the Philadelphia Pennsylvanians, the Chicago Illinois. Etc.

Back to the substantive issue of Tuesday’s Box

For those of you who didn’t get it.

We’ll try again.

The “problem” with Vince Young for Houston owner Bob McNair and all the rich mostly oil rich Good Ole Boys in places like Texas is how they still think about African Americans. And their “proper place.”

They have no “problem” employing African Americans but they will avoid putting themselves in a position where an African American become their Equal or God Forbid their Better. Or members of their exclusive golf and social clubs.

No matter how good Reggie Bush may prove to be if McNair drafts Bush all he will have is a very well paid EMPLOYEE. McNair’s universe and belief system will remain in its “rightful” (sic) place.

But Vince Young

is something very very very Different.

To begin with Young is a native Houstonian. Unlike Bush. And he is the SuperStar of the University of Texas. No one will identify Young with anything but Houston and Texas if McNair’s team drafts Young.

But that is the least of McNair’s ego “problems.”

Because Young has become a fast Legend and is so beloved in Texas and most of all Houston making him THE Quarterback of the Houston Texans will heighten his status and stature in Houston almost beyond Belief. And already proven by the overwhelming desire among Houstonians for Drafting Young.

Worst of all for Owner McNair

Very likely Young will prove to be all he might and even more. He will be an outstanding NFL Quarterback. For sure. But many are willing to consider his potential to become the Greatest NFL QB ever !

Reaching that height or not he certainly will become the LEADER of the Houston Texans, the face of the Houston Texans, the voice of the Houston Texans, and in ways impossible for Reggie Bush or any other “employee.”

The Point is ….

The more dominant Vince Young becomes, the greater success he brings to the Houston team, the more fans he draws, the more money he makes for McNair the WORSE it is for Owner McNair and his view of reality AND his idea of the “proper” place for African Americans on “his” team, in Texas, and the World.

It’s the same “problem”

( but no where near as large no where at all )

that Cowboys’ Owner Jerry Jones had with the success of Quincy Carter as Starting Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. He had to find some excuse to Dump him even as spectacular a player as he was and had led a 2rd rate team 3 years ago into the Playoffs. If Carter had been a running back, or receiver he could have gotten away with that kind of Success but …

The role of Quarterback

is unique in all of Sports

It is unlike any position in any Sport defining Leadership and the success of a football team and ONLY a Quarterback can truly reach a level to over shadow completely everyone else including the Owner in the media and among fans.

As long as the Quarterback is WHITE in Texas especially most Owners can accept that. They can identify with their WHITE Quarterback being their Equal even over shadowing them if that brings them Success and Profit but …..

an African American

in that Position


and Vince Young quite likely will do that better, more impressively and more completely than any BLACK man ever has given the opportunity to LEAD the Houston Texans as their new Quarterback so ……

” let’s draft Reggie Bush instead ”

( and keep the weak Quarterback )

The Question is will the Pressure on Owner Bob McNair be so Powerful in Houston that in spite of all this he’s left No Choice but to Draft Vince Young ?

Do you understand

Tuesday’s Box now