Sports Lessons From An Unlikely Source

Updated: November 3, 2007

Went to the movies

Saturday but did not expect

to find a Black Box there

Surprise Surprise

Indeed there was no Box there at least not obviously so until near the end the protagonist played by Denzel Washington and the antagonist played by Russell Crowe ( or is it the reverse ? ) are alone in a prison room and the Police Lieutenant Crowe says to the Drug Kingpin Washington that he has reversed the “natural order of things.”

That he Denzel Washington did something that had never been done before he had the White Drug Dealers effectively working for him buying all their “product” from Washington because he was smarter and better than they were.

The problem of course is the “product” the highest quality Heroin ever to be sold retail Pure and priced less than the far weaker “product” available from the White Syndicate and the small time Black peddlers who all worked for the White Mobsters.

This new movie based on the real life of “legendary” Frank Lucas who could well have claimed to be the King of Harlem in the 1970s proved that the “natural order of things” is nothing but a Myth. Lucas was smarter and better at “business” than all the White Thugs and the Corrupt Police who were ever present.

The problem was the product

pure deadly heroin

Lucas became one of the richest Americans at that time by savaging his own community inflicting the worst possible pain on it. Creating and supplying tens of thousands of Black Junkies and the even far greater collateral damage that created for all their families and especially children and for the community of Harlem.

But Lucas lived like a King

and was worshipped by many

in the Black community

for his “generosity”

until he got caught

It all collapsed into a 15 year jail sentence and poverty far less punishment than it would have been as the charges also included numerous murders in addition to the thousands of deaths from his “super” heroin – because Barnes testimony convicted a hoard of corrupt NYC Cops who were living off the heroin trade as well.

So WHERE is the Sports in all this

Very very deeply buried.

It takes the Box to dig it out. As noted above Denzel Washington’s character was the most successful and resourceful heroin dealer in American history. The fact that his brilliance was turned to such horrible purpose and made even far worse since it was all directed toward other African Americans proves once again in a convoluted and bizarre way that White dominance in anything is predicated on African Americans allowing it to be so.

But with the necessary corollary that it is that same White control of legitimate pursuits that made it so “attractive” for Frank Lucas who could have done almost anything and would have if it were a level playing field this game of life were being played upon. Instead Lucas found it even more attractive to become a master criminal.

Denzel Washington’s character could have opened the movie American Gangster with a scene in which he decides he will not continue and prosper in the drug trade. But drawing him further in was the knowledge that the potential for him to amass a fortune of over $250 Million ( in 1970s dollars ) and even less so the “respect and adulation” he gathered was far far more remote in other more legitimate businesses.

because he could never ever

be a member of the “club”

White business leaders

are all members of

American Sports in concept

can be compared to a criminal

enterprise in that it to is

carefully controlled and at

the highest levels very few

( in many case no )

African Americans are

allowed to compete

need not apply to be

owners and execs

commissioners or

broadcasters even

with the same or

better intelligence and

skills and determination

from that perspective

it’s no different than

major drug dealing or

crime at the highest

levels except when

someone very special

enters the arena like

one does so very well

in American Gangster

and most of all

keep in mind

the REAL message

of today’s Black Box

Crime does not pay

anywhere near as

well as Sports but

far far more often

IF you are White

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box …….

Denzel Washington FROM THE MOVIE