Someone Needs To Be Removed From UNT

By Gregory Moore
Updated: November 6, 2007

SAN ANTONIO — As I was sorting through the daily emails on Monday, something that I do just about every day, I came across an interesting e-mail from an associate who always has an opinion about the sports coverage up in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

This particular e-mail that I received entitled “Local media declares Coach Todd Dodge ‘not guilty’ of ‘racism’” had some points that the writer wanted to get out on why the local media up there was so quick to say that the University Of North Texas football staff was very inclusive and was not discriminating against any of its black football players.

I wrote him back with the following questions and/or statements: “Should it surprise us that a black athlete who got benched may all of a sudden say he is being discriminated against? Here’s a question….how many players at North Texas are African American on the football team? Maybe the new standard should be before anyone plays the race card, we do a diversity check on the roster and see if there is a legitimate claim.”

In case you don’t know what the topic of discussion is here this week, it is about a UNT football player who got disciplined by new head coach Todd Dodge. Dominique Green, a defensive back who is African American, made claims that Dodge discriminates against black players and has filed a complaint with the Texas NAACP and his local chapter near Denton. Green’s co-witnesses to his allegations are Desmon Chatman and Gary Oubre. Green’s complaint stems from a sideline altercation in which he has been indefinitely suspended.

“I am suspended indefinitely for saying, ‘We are from the hood,’ on the sideline,” Green said. “[UNT wide receivers coach] Clayton George charged up to me on the sideline and said we didn’t need that. I asked him what was wrong and he said we didn’t need to say that, so I asked him what was wrong with saying that we are from the hood.”

If this sounds like it is much ado about nothing, that very well could be. For all we know, all we have here is a football player who decided to act ignorant on the sideline and when corrected by a coach, he decided he was going to challenge authority.

Any other time this type of story wouldn’t get a sniff at being something major but because Green has essentially said that he was discriminated against for saying a very ignorant phrase during a time when his teammates were in the midst of losing to Middle Tennessee, it does becomes news.

But let’s look at this situation for a moment and let’s ponder both sides of it. Let us take Mr. Green’s side of the coin and say that maybe he was correct in his allegations. If Green has the evidence to support his claims and if Mr. Oubre and Mr. Chatman are credible and can bolster the claim, then Dodge, who was an assistant coach in the 1990s at UNT, would be in deep water and the university has every right to discipline him, his staff or any individuals associated with the program for the remarks.

If that means that people lose their jobs, then so be it; it is the price you pay for being racist at a time when race diversity is still something this country struggles with. If Green’s claim has merit, then racism shouldn’t be tolerated at UNT and the appropriate actions need to be made; with or without the intervention of the NAACP.

However, let’s flip the coin and let’s say that Green’s comments are bogus; his allegations have no merit. Then what? If this should turn out to be the reality of the situation then a very harsh punishment needs to come to Mr. Green and if that means that he is indefinitely suspended from the football team not for his comments that originally brought the suspension but from making false allegations towards his head coach, then that should be his punishment.

If that means he has to forfeit his scholarship at UNT, oh well. If that means that the school’s president deems it necessary to dismiss him from the campus on those grounds, so be it. If that means that a harsh punishment comes to Mr. Chatman and Mr. Oubre for conspiring with Mr. Green on these allegations that have proven to be false, then justice must be served.

Just like in the previous example, racism of any sort or magnitude should not be tolerated and that includes “reverse racism” in which someone falsely accuses another of being racist and does not have the evidence to back up the claim.

Dominique Green’s allegations are serious in nature and they must be taken as such until a complete investigation gives us unbiased results. As stated above, if Green’s allegations turn out to have merit, then the appropriate action, no matter how serious the punishment may be for Todd Dodge and his staff may be, must be taken in a swift and decisive manner.

However if Green’s allegations are bogus and the evidence points to a football player who didn’t like how he was treated for being insubordinate two weeks ago, then Green needs to face some serious consequences of his own. As stated here as well, if that means that he is booted off campus and loses his privilege of being on a Division I-A football team, oh well. If the stigma that follows him is one who is like the boy who cried wolf and he doesn’t get an opportunity to further himself educationally, then that may be a price he has to pay as well.

Something of a serious nature must be done to help Dodge or whoever is the falsely accused individual may be so that that person’s reputation in society is restored or rebuilt somehow.

False accusations are what destroys well meaning individuals and sometimes the harm done is so devastating that the falsely accused never recovers. The person who accused that individual out of malice must be punished some how and in some fashion.

As many readers know, I have no problems calling a spade a spade on this issue and I’ve built my reputation on a national level being one to discuss this issue as open and as frank as one can get. This particular story is no different. As I’ve stated, I believe in fairness for tall of those involved and that sometimes means having a harsh judgment brought down upon you.

Whoever the guilty party is in this case, a swift and harsh judgment needs to be rendered by the UNT powers that be. If Dodge is guilty of discriminating against Green and others, then he needs to be removed as the head coach of the football program and suffer whatever fate may await him down the road.

If Green is guilty of making false allegations against Dodd and his staff, then Gren needs to be removed from the football team on a permanent basis because he will forever taint the locker room and the chemistry of the team and face the fate that may await him as well.

Either way somebody has to be gone off of this team and away from the UNT campus.